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Country house Dieniņas

Even if you don’t stop to stay and enjoy a longer time at the shore, the country house “Dieniņas” offers to buy the locally smoked fish from Lake Engu ...

Family house Gundegas

Family house in cnetre of Engure, 1 km from the sea.  8 places. Equipment: TV, internet, kitchen. Additional service: pincnic and tent spots, beach - ...

Country house Indāni

Picnic and tent site, accommodation, country sauna, caring for domestic animals.

Country house Kangari

Country house "Kangari" is suitable for a small group up to 13 persons. Accommodation in one common room in country house beds. There are 2 ponds to s ...

Country house Bienes

TV, kitchen, sauna, swiming area, banquet facilities, tent and picnic spots, sporting facilities.

Country house Rogas

For relaxation in country house in Jaupils area. Offers 12 places. Additional service: kitchen, fireplace, sauna, banquet hall, picnoc and tent places ...

Family house Ezerkalni

Family house near Dzirciems lake for 11 persons. Additional service: TV, internet, fireplace, sauna, picnic and tent places, boat rental, swimming pl ...