Camping and recreation complex "Knauķi"


Camping and recreation complex "Knauķi" is located in Vecmokās - a settlement a few minutes' drive from Tukums, near Gaikišu lake.

3 beds in one camping cabin and tent sites are offered. A wide (1 ha) area is available in the recreation complex, where it is possible to organize sports games, gathering events for companies and families.

Additional services: tent sites, picnic sites, fireplace hall (up to 50 persons), large outdoor area (1 ha) for various outdoor events, swimming pool, parking lot, adventure hikes for families in Vecmokas.

Entry fee

60 EUR camping cabin
10 EUR tent place
200 EUR fireplace hall
150 EUR for the territory of the recreation complex
50 EUR picnic spot (up to 30 persons)
50 EUR adventure hike in Vecmok for a family with a hike leader

Contact information

"Gaiķīši", Tume parish, Tukums region

Working time

Summer season


(+371) 26148003, 29251157