Werewolf’s Throat in Rauda Forest


If you are at the Werewolf’s Throat - beware! People often get lost here. The marked trail leading out of the “throat” will also have some obstacles.


“...on the trail, there was an eerie, very dark creature. The head of a wolf, without ears, with very dark, deep eyes and unnaturally long, thin, irregular crooked teeth. Suddenly, everything was wrapped in an unbearable stench of decaying flesh and complete silence. The forest-guard took out from the pocket an old cartridge with a silver bullet and loaded it into the gun. When he wanted to press the trigger, the creature suddenly started talking. It was a sort of a primeval animalistic language like a chant that we all are capable of understanding but that we — people, animals, reptiles and birds alike — have unfortunately.

/Ralfs Kokins “Kurzemes vilkaču nostāsti”/


You can read about the stories of werewolves in Kurzeme in the book "Werewolf Tales of Kurzeme" by the theologian Ralph Kokin, but the stories recorded here - in the Raudas Forest, can be read here.

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Rauda forest, Sēme parish, Tukums region