Secret Keeper's Eye


Not a hundred metres away from the Lousy Oak and just a couple dozen metres away from the tail of the Buck’s Hill, there is another unique natural formation — two funnel-type dips - two Eyes. It is possible that both holes formed as glaciers melted.

The explanation offered by researchers of Latvian sacred sites and magic rites is not an official version, but certainly a more interesting one. They call these dips on both sides of the road the Devil’s Eyes. 

The sage Māris Zvaunis: “The circles look like perfect funnels as if drawn by compasses. The soil cannot itself form it. About 4000 years ago, a meteorite fell here and split near the ground, carving out these funnels. Energy perturbation occurs at this crater: sometimes positive and sometimes negative. Perhaps that is why no plants are eager to grow in the funnel, only some feeble osiers grow around the edges. In addition, water even in the coldest winters never fully freezes over.

The water of this Eye keeps a secret of everything happening around this place. This could be a perfect venue for Native American chiefs to smoke a peace pipe, discuss their matters and nobody else would ever find out about it.

Even though the water is as dark as black tea, they say that it is potable. Due to the dry weather in the spring, summer or autumn, the water in the funnel may have dried out.


You can read about the stories of werewolves in Kurzeme in the book "Werewolf Tales of Kurzeme" by the theologian Ralph Kokin, but the stories recorded here - in the Raudas Forest, can be read here.

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