People’s Trail of the Buck's Hill


The People’s Trail leads to the Sacred Grove on the Buck’s Hill. An ancient legend has it that in the olden days, when a road stretched across the back of the Buck Hill, a landlord in a spring was coming home from the market of Tukums with a full cart, around here started feeling tired, stopped the horse, took a mouthful of birch sap from a bucket by a roadside birch and fell asleep for a short while. In a dream, he saw that he gave away all his property to the Devil if he gets to see the future. He woke up and was at loss. The sky was still fine like a silk fabric, birds singing wedding songs, but the area seemed completely strange! The hill overgrown with trees, the road turned into a path that cannot be driven with a cart, and a horse no more — just an empty cart with hazel-trees growing through it. An old lady is coming along the trail holding buckets of birch sap. The man greets her, says the name of the house and asks for the way towards it. The lady seems surprised: “Since I was a little girl, I remember only ruins of the old house of the grandfather of my great-grandfather. He left for the market but never came back. But how did you manage to get the cart here? When I came here in the morning, it wasn’t here!” The man realised that he had stopped at a place of unusual power, where nothing is impossible, he had woken at least a century later and was now talking to his own great-great-granddaughter. “Well, heavens above!” – he exclaimed, took the old lady’s buckets, both of them turned around and went down the wide path that once was only an animal path.

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Rauda forest, Sēme parish, Tukums region