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Farm Meņģeļi

Guest house “Meņģeļi” offer not only relaxation in the countryside, but also visiting Charolais cattle roaming the farm. Guests can feed them with app ...

Biological farm Ošnieki

 A fee for viewing plantations and tasting berries  The biological farm “Ošenieki” grow tomatoes, strawberries, summer and autumn variety of raspberri ...

Biological farm Rogas

Biological farm "Rogas" in Jaunpils are tending dairy cattle and making cheese, butter, quark, as well as colostrum products. Visitors can learn about ...

Biological farm Krikši & Uidas

The farm offers learning about animal husbandry. The farm mainly rears Charolais cattle and their hybrids.

Biological farm Birznieki

The farm rears goats and makes goat cheese. Here, you can try and buy fresh and smoked goat cheeses.      

Biological farm Gaiķi

The eco-farm “Gaiķi” in Ozolnieki grow strawberries and raspberries. Here, visitors can receive a consultation in berry cultivation and buy berries an ...

Deer garden Rudiņi

At the Deer Garden, you can learn about breeding wild animals – elk, fallow-deer and moufflons in enclosed areas; breeding wasstarted here in 2003. At ...