Monument for the Freedom-Fighters


The name of hillhas derived from the clay soil at its bottom. A view of the town’s lake and panorama once used to open up from the hill (62 a.s.l.). On the top of the Clay Hill is located Monument for the Freedom-Fighters of Tukums (1975). The author of the monument is sculptor - A.Dumpe. Although the name of the monument is "Monument for the Freedom-Fighters of Tukums", dedicated to the soldiers of the Soviet army, already when the monument was created, she also had the second version of the monument. Namely, she created this monument as a symbol of Latvian strength - in the middle of a lonely oak field in Kurzeme, with the name "Oak - branches of power".

But in 2010, to celebrate the 77th birthday of the poet Imants Ziedonis, a cherry tree grove with 77 decorative and 60 sour cherry trees has been planted on Mālkalns. “Let me go and discover the world dressed up like springtime cherries in Tukums”– as the poet has said many years ago.

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Mālkalns, Jelgavas St., Tukums