Nature Trail Viesatas Upesloki (River bends of Viesata) and Spuņņu Rock


When going on a walk along this trail, you will have an opportunity to see the steep banks of the river, a 200 year old pine-tree, the brown spring, the pig’s bath, a beaver house, a woodworking site, a black alder stand, a grand birch tree, the rock – Spuņņakmens, and many more nature objects. If you stay alert, you will see various birds; information about the bird species is provided in the stands that are set up along the trail. The trail is 4 km and 6 km long and it can be taken along 2 different routes. The trail is marked and can be walked without a guide. It will take 3 - 4 hours to track along the entire trail.

Attention !!! The starting point of the trail has changed since spring 2022! From the bridge near "Kraujas" it was transferred to the destination of Spuņņi Road (Spuņņu ceļš) - GPS 56.81726, 22.94729. What has not changed - the fantastic views of the river banks!

Contact information

Parking place at the end of the "Spuņņu ceļš" (Spuņņi Road), Irlava parish, Tukums region


(+371) 28302871, 29105209