Black Alder Swamp Forest Plankway


The plankway of the black alder swamp forest is one of the shorter trails in the Ķemeri National Park (600 m), and it is located right next to “The Forest House”. Here, in a very focused and concentrated way, you can learn about wet broad-leaved tree forests — swamp forests. You can observe how some tree species have adapted to survive on swampy banks of Vēršupīte, enjoy a fresh shade of canopy on a hot summer day, and carefully listen to bird calls. The swamp forest has been chosen as suitable for settling by nearly all types of woodpeckers living in Latvia, including the park symbol — the white-backed woodpecker. The walk takes about half an hour. The plank way is intended for walking. Please be careful — planks are slippery during rain.

Contact information

"Meža māja", Ķemeri, Jūrmala


(+371) 67730078, 26424972