Lake Kaņieris with bird-waching tower and trail


Lake Kaņieris is one of the best bird watching sites Kemeri National Park. The lake has 14 islands, and there found a total of 200 species of birds (with Latvian registered 360 species of birds). Lake since 1989 included on the important bird sites list. Since the lake is closely overgrown with reeds and other plants, birds had access to far more difficult.

Now the entire lake is able to readily from bird-watching tower. It allows seeing the birds on Lake Kaņieris from above. From Reed Plank-Way the visitors will be able to get to know the reed maze of Lake Kaņieris from a completely different viewpoint.

Contact information

Between Lapmežciems and Antiņciems, Lapmežciems parish, Tukums region


(+371) 67730078