Imula Nature Trail from Vītiņi to Romance


The nature trail along the Imula banks from “Vītiņi” to “Romance” is one of the trails of the nature park of the ancient Abava river valley. Imula is one of the tributaries of Abava — a winding river with often steep banks. The path starts where Imula joins Abava near “Vītiņi” house, and you can walk it all the way to the guest house “Romance” and back. Its length is about 4 km, and, as you walk it, you can enjoy the beautiful Imula valley and see the Devil’s Foot Boulder of Lanksēde. The path is marked with white lines on trees. The path is most beautiful during the springtime, when the blue, white and yellow spring flowers are blossoming, the spring sky is clear and in more humid areas wild garlic is sprouting.

In wet weather conditions, the path can be slippery. During the summer, hogweed grows near the trail and can cause skin burns if you touch or try to pick them. The trail leads through several private properties, therefore we ask that you do not wander off the trail without a good reason and do not disturb the property owners. It is recommended to keep dogs on leash and take your litter along to be discarded later.

Contact information

„Vītiņi”, Matkule parish, Tukums region


(+371) 28396830