Dunduri (Gadfly) Meadows


A walk along the pasture grounds of auroch cows and horses on the banks of reinstated stream of Slampe in the meadows of Dunduri is possible owing thanks to the support provided by the World Wildlife Fund and the Large Herbivorous Foundation fund; the organizations purchased 15 auroch cows from Belgium to be introduced to Ķemeri National Park and 10 specimens of Konik Polski breed horses were acquired in Pape. The most heart-warming the herds of these large animals are during the summer time, when the newly born foals and calves join the pack. In the beginning of 2013 there were 29 cows and 48 horses. For the convenience of visitors, a parking lot has been built next to the meadows of Dunduri. A 5 metre tall watchtowers has also been erected, and information stands have been set up.

Contact information

Dunduru pļavas, Slampe parish, Tukums region


(+371) 67730078