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Peņķi Sulphur Spring

Peņķi Sulphur Springthe spring of health – is an ancient cult place and it is located 100 m from the River Abava on the right bank of the river.

Lake Jumprava

The area of the lake is 8.4 ha, the average depth – 1.4 m, and the maximum depth – 1.7 m. The most common catch includes crucian carps and tenches. Th ...

Nature Trail of the Camping Sveikuļi

The nature trailis situated near Tukums and is approximately 3 km long. There you can see the beaver dwellings at Lake Veļezers, the steep banks, micr ...

Lake Melnezers

The lake with the area of 1.3 ha is situated right at the border of Tukums town surrounded by a forest. It is a popular site for relaxation for the to ...

Miķeļakmens or Michael`s rock

Michael`s rock is situated between Tukums and Milzkalns Mound. In 2003 on Michal`s Day, 167 people stood on this boulder at one time.

Slocene River

During the times of the Duke Jacob, in 1628, approximately at the site of the current dairy farm, a dam was set up on the River Slocene, that way form ...

Šlokenbeka Millpond

The lake is a popular fishing site for the residents of vicinity of Tukums and Milzkalne. The lake covers 7 ha. The catch can include roaches, chubs, ...