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Imula Trail from Kauķa hill to Grote

The trail starts at Kauķis Hill. It is a continuation to the Imula trail leading from “Buses” to Kauķis Hill. Kauķis Hill is a tufa rock. Its name in ...

Smiltiņkalns Hill

Smiltiņkalns hill is earlier Tukums district the highest point in the highlands of Eastern hill of Saldus and the altitude is 153 m above sea level. I ...

Linde Forest Boulder

With the volume of 706.29 cubic feet, it is the 44th largest boulder in Latvia.

Wooden Plankway in Bērzciems

A 157 metres long plankway was set up near café “Mazā kaija”, which facilitates access to the sea for people wanting to swim or enjoy water sports, as ...