Jaunpils Museum


At the Jaunpils museum exhibit halls, you can examine maquettes of the Livonian Order Castles of Jaunpils and Dobele, explore replicas of weapons and armours, archaeological finds, collection of coins, as well as learn interesting facts about the castle of Jaunpils itself and the fates of residents of Jaunpils. The mysterious-looking medieval steps lead to the exhibition hall, where you can regularly see works of art of local professional artists and flower exhibitions of Jaunpils horticulturists.

Permanent exhibits “Jaunpils manors” (“Jaunpils muižas, muižiņas”), “To the castle dungeon in search of the knight” (“Uz Pils pagrabu bruņinieka meklējumos”), “Castle master’s cabinet” (“Pilskunga kabinets”).

Entry fee

Entrance fee:
5,00 EUR adults,
3,50 EUR students, seniors

Contact information

Jaunpils Castle, "Pils", Jaunpils, Jaunpils parish, Tukums region

Working time

Mo.-ThC. 10.00 - 17.00
Fr.-Su. 10.00 - 18.00


(+371) 26276162