Rosary Rozītes


The rose garden “Rozītes” in Sēme rural municipality is the lovechild of Daila and Bruno Trubiņi. They are the third generation rose growers here. It was all started by Daila’s grandfather Pauls Salmiņš, who was a gardener at the Strutele Manor Estate. During the first period of Latvian independence, he taught many gardeners and also set up his own nursery.

Even though after World War II lots had been destroyed from what the family invested, the love for land and flowers remained. In the nursery “Rozītes”, the Trubiņi family cultivate, test and select for a collection only the most beautiful and resilient rose varieties, buying the young plants from the largest European and best Latvian rose growers. Those, who are interested, can explore the nursery and consult about rose cultivation, as well as buy rose plants. Visitors can also check out about 400 different varieties of roses.


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Rosary, „Rozītes”, near Sēme lutheran church, Sēme parish, Tukums region

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(+371) 26469604