Dendrology Park Vāgneris


A large part of the park is made of the nature monument “Dendrology Park “Garden of Vāgneris””. Its creation was started already back in 1890 and over the course of 18 years a large garden was formed there; its owner was the horticulturist Fridrihs Vāgners. There must be looked at five species of meadow, 6 species of lime, the first flower base, the Crimea, and as the last Dutch lime, 5 species of elms, several species of mountain ash, birch, spruce and red beech and pride of the garden - a large beech tree branches hanging and other rarities. It is considered that this is among the first and best foreign tree collections in Latvia, which has been preserved until the modern day. This is the only place in our country were some exotic trees, such as the black spruce, great beech, evergreen ligustrum, white mezereon, and other species can be found. These days the visitors can explore the nature by taking a walk along the trails.

Contact information

„Vāgneris”, Tume parish, Tukums region


(+371) 29139800, 22022943