The workshop of the artist Laila Kelle


The guest hose “Ružciems” is the property of the painter and teacher Laila Kelle. Laila Kelle has taken part and continues to take part in exhibitions in Latvia and abroad and has organised several solo exhibitions. She is a landscape and still art painter using oil technique.

The artist’s garden is just as colourful as her art — the garden invites with its flowers, herbs and berry bushes. The artist’s garden and the vicinity are literally inviting everyone to indulge in painting. Since the artist has an extensive teaching experience, she gladly agrees to hold drawing and painting classes for the visitors at her guest house — both children and adults alike. If you have not brought along the necessary tools for the work, you can get them right there.

Entry fee

Price for workshop depends on programm and number of persons in group.

Contact information

“Ružciems”, not far from Lamiņi, Pūres parish, Tukuma region

Working time

Advance arragements for the visits


(+371) 26353032