Kandava Municipal Crafts Centre


On the second floor, there are cosy rooms for classes, welcoming everyone, who wishes to take part in activities. Classes are organised for adults and children alike, irrespective of prior handicraft experience (various techniques and all types of handicrafts: knitting, crocheting, felt-working, making flowers, jewellery, etc.), sewing and machine embroidery (basics of sewing and enhancing skills), pottery (how to make items from a lump of clay — mugs, bowls, candle-holders, etc.), porcelain painting, introduction to relief printing technique (how to make beautiful art works, greeting cards etc. at home), wicker-working, artistic processing of leather (making of various items, such as belts, boxes, bags and book-binding), weaving, as well as painting and drawing.

Creative activities allow people to meet nice like-minded individuals who have many ideas. In ceramics classes, parents can do something together with their children. In all classes you can learn to create various useful things for yourself and your loved ones, as well as explore creative pursuits and spend time purposefully.

Entry fee

As agreed

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Guest house Teikas, Kandava parish, Tukums region

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Advance arragements for the visits


(+371) 26113310