Blacksmith`s workshop of Gints Haņeckis


In the ancient times, the blacksmiths were thought to be wizards, because their skills went beyond the boundaries of the mundane
works. The visitors to the blacksmith’s workshop in Tukums are offered by the blacksmith Gints Haņeckis to lift the veil of mystery of this craft and discover the hidden talents. At the workshop, the visitors can see ready-made items, as well as items that are currently in the process of making, along with a small collection of ancient items. The works can be seen and purchased, as well as ordered on a daily basis.


Entry fee

As agreed

Contact information

"Vecupenieki", Tume parish, Tukuma region (end of Kandavas St. of Tukums)

Working time

Advance arragements for the visits


(+371) 29167921