Rūmene Manor


Rūmene Manor is a country-residence of 5-star Hotel „Bergs”. The master house of Rūmene Manor was built in 1876 according to a design by the architect Theodore Zeiler. The master house is situated on a hillock, and its back façade is connected with the park by a system of stairs and terraces, ending next to a pond with an artificially created heart-shaped islet. This terrace system, according to the opinion of historians, is a rarity, and it can be considered as one of the most exquisite neo-renaissance style constructions of this kind in Latvia.

The scenic park of Rūmene Manor covers 7.8 ha and in 1892 it was designed by the landscape architect Georg Kuphaldt, who has also designed the Arcadia Park and Viesturs Garden.

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Rūmene Manor, Rūmene, Kandava parish, Tukums region

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Visiting the manor and excursions are not offered at the moment!


(+371) 28001157