Visiting the Area of Tukums in the Winter Season Creatively

As the winter sets in and the snow cover thickens, you can go skiing, seek new hiking adventures on nature trails, spend your leisure time creatively or improve your well-being. In the time leading up to Christmas, various creative activities will come in handy, because it is always fun to learn something new and to make Christmas presents for your loved ones.

The Džūkste Fairy-tale Museum invites you to be creative and take the opportunity to learn something new by participating in various master classes and workshops, to create greeting cards, make Christmas tree decorations and bake Louise’s Christmas cookies. The Creative House “Smilgāji” invites you to bread and bun making master classes in a cosy ambience. Whereas the pottery workshop “Mēness bļoda” will welcome you at the fine porcelain cup and plate master class.

The Kandava Crafts Centre and the Ceramist Linda Priedniece offer visiting the ceramic workshop, a master class of shirt painting and wrapping paper making, whereas the wicker workshop of Pēteris Tutāns near the skiing slopes at Milzkalns welcomes visitors to take part in wicker master classes and make baskets, trays and other fine items. All creative workshops include an opportunity to make an original present for your loved ones and to learn how to make something special for the festive meal.

Creative activities can also be combined with outdoor endeavours at one of the skiing slopes of the recreation centres “Milzkalns”, as well as with warmer relaxation at “Albatross SPA” boasting a 25 m swimming pool with three lanes, a 7 m children’s pool, and a sauna and a steam room. The visit must be booked in advance via the app Bookla. In Ķesterciems, you can also enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner at the restaurant “Albatross | Garda vieta pie jūras”. A special winter offer is also available together with “Albatross SPA”.

Enjoy a creative winter holiday in Tukums!