Tukums Museums Open Their Doors!

We have received information that from May 13, all seven buildings of the Tukums Museum will open their doors to visitors. It should be noted that museum visits will have to follow a few more rules.

On Wednesday, May 13, at 1 pm, the Tukums Weavers' Workshop will open its doors to visitors with a new exhibition-sale "Our Gold". Here will be displayed and purchased the work of knitters of the Folk Applied Art Studio "Durbe". More information: 25622267, audejudarbnica@tukumamuzejs.lv

From Thursday, May 14, there will be an opportunity to go to the Pastariņš Museum again, where everyone can see the popular Latvian writer's Ernests Birznieks-Upītis homestead "Bisnieki", including historic buildings renovated according to the situation in the middle of the 20th century, when the writer's brother Kārlis Birznieks managed it. More information: 28651091, pastinamuzejs@tukumamuzejs.lv

From Friday, May 15, visitors will be welcomed by Durbe Manor, where they will have the opportunity to see the manor house and its historical interior, and the exhibitions “In Search of Lost Time. Kuznetsov porcelain in the Zuzani collection” and “About the Motherland and Latvia. 1918 - 1920”. The second exhibition is supplemented with the story of the armoured car "Imanta". More information: 26305946, durbespils@tukumamuzejs.lv

On Saturday, May 16, at 11:00, the Tukums Art Museum will open its doors to visitors, offering to see the painting exhibition “On the Sun Side. Paintings by Leonīds Āriņš and Aleksejs Naumovs”. More information: 25494677, makslasmuzejs@tukumamuzejs.lv

From Sunday, May 17, the Tukums Town History Museum “Castle Tower” will be open with the opportunity to see the exhibition “Cinema in Tukums”, as well as walk the cinema route through Tukums city centre according to the maps obtained at the exhibition. More information: 25622131, pilstornis@tukumamuzejs.lv

From Monday, May 18, the Džūkste Fairy Tale Museum will also open its doors, where it will be possible to see the new exhibition “Bear-Children. Ludis Bērziņš -150”, dedicated to the memory of the mentioned pedagogue, folklorist, literary historian and poet Ernests Ludis Bērziņš (1870-1965). More information: 26513314, pasakumuzejs@tukumamuzejs.lv

The Art Gallery "Durvis" has been open to visitors since April 27, where you can see and buy works of painters and potters already well-known in Tukums at the exhibition "Art Spring". We invite everyone who wants to support artists and at the same time delight themselves, friends or colleagues, by buying a smaller or larger gift. More information: 28391437, galerijadurvis@tukumamuzejs.lv

Important when you are visiting museums!

When visiting the museum, we invite you to be responsible for your own health and the health of others, to observe the measures of social and physical distancing and the conditions of the sanitary protocol developed by the Ministry of Culture! Let's protect ourselves and our loved ones!

We invite you to follow the current information on the museum's website www.tukumamuzejs.lv and on each museum's Facebook pages. If necessary, you can contact the museum on social networks or by e-mail administracija@tukumamuzejs.lv .

Follow the information and #MeetNow!


(Information and photos from Tukums Museum)