Travel to Latvian palaces, castles and manors!

The event “Let’s travel to Latvian palaces, castles and manors 2024” takes place between 1 June and 26 October.  A purpose of the event is to learn more and popularise the values of the cultural heritage of Latvia – manors, palaces, castles, castle ruins, fortresses and parks – by engaging the travellers in active visiting of Latvian historical lands and emphasizing the historical value of the preserved cultural heritage and diversity, uniqueness of the local tourism and promoting the recognisability, becoming familiar and aware of the sites.  

Task for the travellers – to visit the sites of those participating in this event and to receive a stamp in the form of a letter in the control sheet or to find a letter in nature. During the event it is possible to collect 63 letters which comprise different terms associated with architecture and art. Each word guessed will qualify the participant for a monthly lottery, but 10 collected letters will guarantee an invitation to the final event and participation in the final lottery.

You can find the stamp sheet and map for printing out HERE.

Visit also palaces, castles and manors in Tukums vicinity which are part of the event: Durbe Palace, Jaunmoku Palace, Jaunmoku Palace, Kukšu Manor, Šlokenbeka Manor and Tukums Castle tower!

Plan your summer adventures in the palaces and manors!