The most powerful trail runners in Latvia to gather in Āžu Hill on July 9

On Saturday, July 9, the 6th Werewolf Marathon is going to take place in the forests of Tukums vicinity! Possibly and most probably the most difficult marathon in Latvia! Distance length 42.2 km. 2000+ altitude meters. Thirteen laps. Control time in the distance – seven hours. Dusk. Downy Āžu Hill. Forest tales about werewolves.

One of the most awarded Latvian trail runners of this rather new discipline, Andris Ronimoiss, admits that this is also one of the most watchable marathons in Latvia where others can watch and support the participants.

The participants must run 13 laps of the Werewolf Marathon within seven hours, and – to be honest – only one out of two participants usually manage do to it due to the trail configuration. The trail has its record, 4:28:42, set last year by the fastest Latvian trail runner Gvido Kalniņš. Runners of the classic marathon distance might laugh about such a result but try to do it faster in the mystical Āžu Hill neighbourhood!

Another note – the winner of the competition will take the entire monetary prize, i.e., 25% of all revenue from the participation fee. Since the number of participants in the narrow trails of Āžu hill is limited (around 80), the winner will get a prize of approximately EUR 800.

After the confusing Covid restrictions the competition has again gone international – quite a few runners are expected to come from Lithuania to conquer the Āžu Hill.

The agenda: competition starts at 15:00, and the last finish time is 22:00. The “naked run” of the werewolf night at 22:30.

Fans are welcome! You can see the marathon track here.

If you do not intend to run the Werewolf Marathon, come to watch it! It will be fun! The buffet will be open!

See you in the Werewolf Forest!


Photos by Andris Jermuts