Taste the Area of Tukums!

Looking for the taste of Tukums! Freshly baked bread to delicious chocolate, herbal infusions to homemade wines, medieval style dishes to a rose cocktail — the area of Tukums has it all.

Real country style bread from Dzirciems

The Pastariņš Museum programme “Bread baking” introduces you to the bead baking traditions in late 19th century. As the old bread oven has been preserved to the modern day, the participating guests can engage in baking small loaves of bread and then taste the bread. While the bread is baking, real country style butter is being made. You will remember the simple countryside treats for a long time.

Pancaking at the Rideļi Mill

The Rideļi Mill café welcomes the guests to pancake tasting for all tastes — also known as the pancaking. You are offered to fill the pancakes with meat, fish, chanterelles, cheese, vegetables, fruit, berries, honey, ham, sour cream, quark, ice cream, caramel, among many other fillings. Choose your filling, fill it, and then eat it all up!

Belgian chocolate from Pūre

Travel enthusiasts, who are tempted by the bitter sweet and rich in flavour chocolate, must include Pūre on their itinerary — this is the place, where the most passionate chocolate lovers live. They have created the company Pure Chocolate and a Chocolate Museum. Together with the Chocolate Master at the museum workshop, you can not only make chocolate treats, but also taste as much as you can, and at the chocolate shop you can everything that Pure Chocolate makes.

Kandava acorn drink

The Kandava Regional Museum does not only offer learning about the history of Kandava, but it is also the place to try the acorn drink. It has a peculiar taste, and, if you like it, you can also buy it.

Herbal infusion tasting at the Jaunmoku Palace

Participants of the herbal infusion tasting learn interesting facts about herbal infusions, their therapeutic effect, try around 10 different types of infusions, as well as unusual syrups and jams. During the summer season, you will have a chance to visit the herbal tea garden in the palace park.

Medieval feast in Jaunpils

At the medieval tavern in the Jaunpils Castle, the guests of the castle have an opportunity to enjoy delicious candlelit meals accompanied by ancient music. The daily menu includes medieval style dishes and traditional Latvian cuisine. On the menu, you will also be able to find lentil soup with meat balls, the green Schwab cheese dumplings, bull tongue with forest treats, roasted chicken leg with plums, rainbow trout with parsley sauce, and other delicious dishes. The meal is special — you can eat it either with wooden spoons or using your fingers.

Tasting of the wines of Kurzeme at the Šlokenbeka Manor

Now, to learn about and taste the products of the winemakers of Kurzeme, you do not have to take a trip to all winemakers in Kurzeme. You can try their wines at one place — at the Šlokenbeka Manor. The tasting takes place at a 400-year old cellar, where the participants are told about the wines of Kurzeme, their makers, the culture of enjoying wine.

SIA “Valguma Mežvīns” wine tasting

For more than 10 years now, the family has been specialised in cultivating strawberries and raspberries, and now they also manage more than 72 hectares of forest, where they get the raw material for their fermented drinks. The family business produces five different types of dessert wines: strawberry, blackcurrant-blueberry, cherry, raspberry, and raspberry-blueberry wines. During the visit, you can taste all types of wine, get an insight into the nuances of wine-making, as well as learn about the winemaking trends in Latvia.

Wine tasting at the farm “Kaspari”

The biological farm “Kaspari” offers to try various biological wines without any sulphites: strawberry, raspberry, cherry, blackcurrant, quince, chokeberry, gooseberry, apple, and crab apple wines.

Wine cellar of Abava

Even though the owners of the largest winery of Latvia Abava have been caring and nurturing their vineyard in Sabile and have welcomed guests only on site, now all those interested will we awaited by pleasant changes. The owners at the Abava winery, which is situated only a few kilometres from Tukums, have opened a new wine cellar and wine bar. Visitors will have a chance to not only taste all the currently available drinks, but also purchase them to take home. Wine tasting and a peek into the Abava wine world includes the tasting of 5 drinks. You can choose one of three tasting programmes: dry drinks, sweet drinks, strong drinks. The duration of the visit depends on the number of guests, so do not hesitate to give a call and ask. Advance arrangements preferred.

Jaunpils Beer

The Jaunpils family run beer brewery is located in the centre of Jaunpils in a barn built in 1860. The owner of the brewery Agris Smelteris initially brewed beer at home, but now, together with his daughter Sandra, he brews ale type beer, because, in the owner’s mind, it has the taste of childhood. By making arrangements in advance, tours and tastings sessions can be organised at the beer brewery.

The Dish and Drink of Tukums

In the quest for a flavour of Tukums, the local caterers came up with a special local dish — the Tukums roll, which is served with cherry sauce. It appears to be a regular roll, but in fact it is filled with a rye bread bar, a slice of cheese and sun-dried tomato, because bread and cheese are produced locally, whereas the tomato, being a summer fruit, will remind you of the great holidays. The roll with cherry sauce will remind you of the fact that Tukums is a town of cherry orchards. The name of the drink of Tukums is “Tukums rose cocktail”, because the town back in the day and nowadays as well has been and is known as the rose town.