July – Month of Garden Events on the Tukums Side

Tukums is a city of roses, but it is surrounded you can visit several owners of flower gardens. On the outskirts of Tukums there are manors of different times and different types of gardens. While the Rose Route is familiar and fragrant in the city, the owners of manors and gardens have made July the month of garden events.
Everything will start with the Historic Park and Garden Days on July 4-5 in Tukums and Jaunmokas Palace, will continue with the small Rose Festival in the Rose Garden "Rozītes" on July 19, followed by a concert in Kalnmuiža apple orchard on July 25.



4th–5th July — Historic Park and Garden Days

During the first weekend of July, nearly 30 castles and manors across Latvia will be offering enthusiasts together with specialists to explore in more depth the green adornment of manors and to spend fun times in castle and manor gardens and parks and in the antique indoors within the “Historic Park and Garden Days”. It is the second time that the Historic Park and Garden Days will be taking place in Latvian castles and manors. The event is organised by the Latvian Association of Castles and Manors to draw greater attention of Latvian society and to promote better understanding of this part of cultural heritage, to foster the exploration, renovation and sustainable use of gardens and parks, as well as to help local tourism.

Historic gardens and parks have been present in all manors of Latvia, and today their fate follows that of the manors themselves. A large part of them are unrecognisable, a part has disappeared, but there are gardens and parks that are being examined, have already been examined and are undergoing restoration. There are also gardens and parks that are being tended to and maintained as they are. Nevertheless, a historic garden and a park form an intrinsic part of a manor estate. Sometimes they tell about manor owners even more than the manors and masters’ quarters.

Durbe Manor

Within the framework of the Historic Park and Garden Days in Latvian castles and manors, the Durbe Manor in Tukums will be awaiting guests on Saturday, 4 July from 12.00 onwards.The Durbe Manor is a typical Kurzeme Manor House that is enveloped by a landscaping park typical of the classicism era, covering an area of 28 ha. Its greatest value is the vast perspective of views opening up from the northern terrace of the manor to the hills of the area, including the legendary Milzukalns, as well as the rotunda and the longest in Latvia stone masonry pedestrian bridge over a ravine.

Over the course of the day, visitors will have a chance to learn about the history of the park through historic photographs depicting the park at different time periods and unbelievable stories and legends about the Durbe Manor gardener, dogs and bayonets. Guests will have an opportunity to walk around the park exploring the most romantic to the most secretive nooks and crannies, as well as visit the small architectural structures — the rotunda and the longest stone masonry pedestrian bridge, to find the Najāda fountain location, and discover the diversity of trees and bushes.

Admission to the event with a museum ticket: EUR 2.50 adults; EUR 1.50 school students, students, senior citizens, persons with a disability. Free admission to pre-school age children and residents of Tukums Municipality with a disability.

Address: M.Parka St. 7, Tukums. Find out more by calling 25721502 or writing an e-mail to: muzejpedagogs@tukumamuzejs.lv, www.tukumamuzejs.lv/durbes-pils

Jaunmokas Palace

Within the framework of the Historic Park and Garden Days, the Jaunmokas Palace will be welcoming guests on Sunday, 5 July from 13.00 onwards.Visitors to the park will have a chance to take part in the unveiling of a new open-air object, enjoy a concert, go on a walk, take part in a seminar and play in a special Forest cricket tournament.

On the Historic Park and Garden Day with the slogan “A park for recreation and health”, the manor staff will be urging the visitors to focus on the park not only as a dedicated, landscaped place of recreation, but also as a source of various medicinal herbs. The events of the day will start at 13.00 with the unveiling of the new object “The Leaf” and a summery concert by Gunta Meņģele at the rhododendron garden. “The Leaf” symbolises a new beginning — on a wedding day, the newly-weds here will have an opportunity to attach and lock their padlocks of love.

Afterwards, at 14.00, the guests will have a chance to learn about the past, present and future on a tour around the Jaunmokas Palace park. The guide will share stories about the historic making of the park, tell about the most recent developments and conjure up visions of what is yet to come.

At 15.00, the Forest Cricket Tournament is to take place at Jaunmokas for the first time. It is unique, because it was created specifically for the Jaunmokas Palace and it is linked to the forest theme — by playing it, you will be able to learn about the types of forests of Latvia. The game was developed with the support of the Culture Projects Competition of Tukums Municipal Council.

The herbalist and master of teas and infusions Inita Ozoliņa will be telling about plants growing in Latvia that could help you strengthen yourself and your immune system at 15.00 in a lecture “Medicinal plants — immunity enhancers”.

From 13.00 until 17.00, teas, sweets, cheeses and other goodies will be offered at a Crafts Fair. Throughout the day, a family restaurant will be open, where you are recommended to taste the ice-cream made by the manor cooks.

All day long, from 9.00 until 20.00, the visitors of the event will be welcomed at the Jaunmokas Palace Forest Museum, where, alongside the permanent Art Nouveau interior design and Forest Exhibits, they will have a chance to see the textiles exhibition of I. Liepiņa “With birds”.

The event is free of charge, with a fee charged for some activities.

Address: Jaunmoku Palace, Tume parish, Tukums region (75th km of highway A10). More information is available by calling 6187442 or 63107125, or writing to e-mail: info@jaunmokupils.lv, www.jaunmokupils.lv

10th July — Linden Ball in Jaunpils

On Friday, 10 July, the Linden Ball is to take place in the courtyard of Jaunpils Castle under the great linden tree. Those, who love the inebriating aroma of linden trees, are welcome to attend the ball under the branches of the great linden tree of the Jaunpils Castle, alongside tables lavishly set and laden with treats from the Jaunpils “Pils Krogs” tavern. Live music by the band “Liepavots”. What can be better than this?! After spending the day travelling around our beautiful Latvia, celebrate the evening in a medieval courtyard.

To ensure that everyone can feel especially welcomed and entertained without inconveniences, a limited number of people will be admitted to the ball. Admission fee: a place at a table in the courtyard — EUR 25, a place in the Grand Hall of “Pils Krogs” or in the gallery — 15 EUR. The admission fee includes the entertainment and snacks; attendees will be able to order drinks at “Pils Krogs” separately. Tickets are available at “Biļešu paradīze” ticket offices.

Address: Jaunpils Castle, Jaunpils, Jaunpils region. To find out more and to receive information about accommodation at the Castle Hotel, please call 26101458, www.jaunpilspils.lv

Open Day in Dace Lukševica Garden

On the second Saturday of July - at July 11, from 10.00 till 16.00, landscape architect and gardener Dace Lukševica organizes open days in her garden. Here, every lover of flowers and gardens is welcome to visit a sample of an easy-care garden with a wide collection of plants, incl. 120 types of hosts. During visiting of the garden, you can expect a wider narration and consultations on the creation of the garden, as well as demonstrations of care work (at 10.00 and 12.00). In the garden you will also be able to buy perennials in pots. Entrance fee in the garden: 2 EUR, free entrance for children up to 12 years old.

Address: Lejas St. 1, Tukums. More information by phone 29177195, www.skaistiedarzi.lv

19th July — the Little Rose Festival at “Rozītes”

In mid-July — Sunday, 19th July — the largest rose collection garden “Rozītes” in the vicinity of Tukums is inviting to the Garden Celebration or as we, the locals of Tukums, call it — the Little Rose Festival.

An informal atmosphere and a picnic style ambience will reign in every nook of the garden from 11.00 onwards. The event will include artists’ creativity workshops for grown-ups and kids, artists’ master classes, a performance “Rose in art”, and, unfailingly, also daytime and evening concerts with music of various eras, nations and lands. Music will be played by the instrumental group “Viršu medus” and the musical group “Tev tuvumā” without which festivities at “Rozītes” is unfathomable.

Visitors to the garden will have a chance to explore the 4000 flower collection and also get your own rose at the plant market, which will be operating during the celebrations.

Admission fee — day ticket for adults EUR 10, senior citizens and school students EUR 7, pre-school age children and people with disabilities — free entry. Tickets can be purchased on site or bought in advance at www.bilesuparadize.lv.

Address: “Rozītes”, Sēme parish, Tukums region. For more information, call 26469604, www.dailasrozes.lv

25th July — a concert at the apple orchard of Kalnmuiža Manor

Aija Vītoliņa and the virtuoso pianist Romāns Vendiņš are inviting you to enjoy a truly vibrant evening with sophisticated melancholic and savagely playful melodies.

On the evening of Saturday, 25th July, the audience at the Kalnmuiža Manor apple orchard will have a chance to listen to musical summer evening stories rendered by Aija Vītoliņa and Romāns Vendiņš in many languages and melodies of the world — spanning from Argentina to France, and returning back to our very own beautiful Latvia. The concert starts at 19.00.
The number of audience members will be determined depending on the assembly restrictions in force in the country and in line with the sanitary protocol requirements established to ensure the safety of the event attendees. Admission 20 EUR. Tickets can be purchased at “Biļešu paradīze” ticket offices. Ticket prices can change closer to the event.
The concert is organised by “BILŽU BIROJS”. For more information, please call 29282866.

Address: Kalnmuiža Manor, Kalnmuiža, Kandava parish, Kandava region, www.kalnmuizaspils.lv

Plan your summer to enjoy the gardens in the area of Tukums!