Jaunmoku Palace offers the program "Bird Stories of the Castle Park"

Starting from February, Jaunmoku Palace offers its visitors a new program "Bird Stories of the Palace Park". As part of the program, it is possible to go for a walk in the castle park, replenishing the bird feeders located there and, observing with the help of binoculars, get to know the Jaunmoku Palace park and the birds in it.

The beginning of the program is the "Family Day" held in January of this year, during which a joint walk and bird watching took place in the park. From now on, every visitor has the opportunity to enjoy it as a daily entertainment and educational program both individually and together with families and friends.

Accompanied by a guide, visitors can go on an exploratory walk where they can observe, recognize and get to know the birds living in the park together. Binoculars are used to observe the birds below. During the winter, special attention should also be paid to feeding the birds. There are several feeding places in the park, which are also supplemented with treats by program participants during the walk. At the end of the program, a forest drink is enjoyed inside the castle and what was seen is discussed, and you can continue to get to know the birds, listen to a story or play a game.

For individual visitors who wish to go for a walk without a guide, it is possible to receive program binoculars, bird food and signs to follow in the castle park.

Program prices for an individual walk are 5 EUR for a group (up to 5 persons); together with a guide – participation fee 2.50 EUR and guide services 15 EUR (for a group of up to 10 persons).

A 20% discount is applied to the membership fee for holders of the Latvian Honorary Family Card "3+ Family Card", LT (Šeimos kortelė) or EST (Perekaart) family card.

Get to know the birds at Jaunmoku Castle!

More information www.jaunmokupils.lv.