Home Café Days 2023 - Taste the flavour of autumn in and around Tukums!

For the third autumn running, we invite you to visit our home cafés in and around Tukums. This year, 26 hosts — families, groups of friends, small businesses and tourist attractions — will welcome and treat guests at 6 destinations.

The offer will include both Latvian and foreign cuisine, a variety of shashlik and fish dishes, fine and truly Latvian dishes, cakes and pancakes, oysters and crayfish, and much more! The themes of the home café offer will be just as varied — from picnics and garden parties to restaurants and visiting grandma in the countryside, to an opportunity to partake in a traditional autumn harvest time.

Let’s travel into autumn and taste it through dishes created by the people of Tukums!

Tukums and Vicinity

Home food restaurant CORNER’s in Tukums

Autumn garden bounties dressed in Latvian flavours in a six-course tasting menu. Chef Mārtiņš Zelmanis offers home-cooked dishes in a modern and contemporary way in the courtyard of “Tukku magi” in Tukums. Live music will contribute to an enjoyable ambience. The special guest of the event — Chef Raimonds Zommers.

Six-course tasting menu:


BEETROOT – beetroot with cherry broth and hemp crisps

APPLE AND FISH – apple salsa with rice crisps, orange lemon ceviche and pikeperch

Soup: JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE – Jerusalem artichoke soup with buckwheat


TOMATO – Tomato sorbet with celery crumble

Main course:

FISH IN A WRAP – fish wrapped with autumn vegetables and truffle purée

FOREST – venison medallion with mushroom purée, charred leek and pepper sauce


GARDEN STEAK – cauliflower garden steak with hard cheese and pearl couscous


PUMPKIN – pumpkin mousse with cinnamon crumble, hazelnuts and caramel ice-cream

Oysters can be purchased separately, and there will be a wine and cocktail bar.

Offer price: Combo offer – EUR 45 pp., Oyster – EUR 4/pc.

Working hours: 16 and 17 September at 12:00, 15:00, 18:00

Payments: Cash, Non-cash, Bank transfer ahead of the visit. An advance payment to be made at the time of booking.

Booking: Must book in advance. You can book using an online form.

Address: Courtyard of “Tukku Magi”, 26 Pasta Street, Tukums. Telephone: (+371) 24249402, e-mail: mzelmenis@gmail.com, www.facebooc.com/restaurantcorners

Harvest festival at “Dižpīlādži”

Home café at “Dižpīlādži” in Tume will offer you to learn about a variety of pancakes in the festive ambience of the autumn harvest. Three friendly and entertaining families – Valdmaņi, Artihoviči and Bahi – whose friendship is measured in dance, work and shared celebrations, welcome guests to the Harvest Festival. There will also be a market selling nature’s gifts, a special photo corner for capturing the unforgettable moments of the festival, as well as a surprise from the hosts — a folk dance flash mob.



Potato harvest pancakes

Harvester pancakes with cheese and bacon

Green spinach pancakes with vegetables and cheese

Conservative meat-filled pancakes

Kurzeme Granny’s “Kommorgenvīder” (crepes with meat filling) pancakes

Latgale Granny’s cheese curd pancakes

Mooo pancakes with quark

Puffy yeast pancakes with apples

Crepes with sweet garnish of your choice

Autumn vegetable soup with pancake cheese crunches

Drinks: Coffee and herbal tea, Home-brewed fruit, berry wines and infusions

Extra: Fishing, Boat ride

Offer price: Price per 1 pancake from EUR 1 to EUR 3

Working hours: 16 September 11:00–18:00

Payments: Cash

Booking: Please arrange the visit in advance.

Address: “Dižpīlādži”, Darbnīcu ceļš 8, Tume rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 29418929, e-mail: aivita.valdmane@inbox.lv, www.facebook.com/dizpiladzi

Jaunmokas Manor summer café

During the Home Café Days, the Jaunmokas Manor summer café will offer you to enjoy the flavours of autumn in various places around the manor estate — experience the refineness of the manor, surrounded by lovingly tended roses on the manor terrace, enjoying a three-course meal “Encounter” (Satikšanās), the primordial nature of the oak grove while enjoying a three-course meal “Conversations with the Forest” (Sarunas ar mežu), while the more hurried visitors will be able to enjoy the offer of the day “Hunter’s Power Dose” under the shade of spruce trees. There will also be an opportunity to explore the manor, walk the Jaunmokas Palace Forest Park trail and take part in orienteering or escape games.


Three-course meal “Encounter” (Satikšanās)

Cream of vegetables grown at the manor, with croutons,

Corned chicken with colourful purées and grilled vegetables,

Alexander’s cake

Three-course meal “Conversations with the Forest” (Sarunas ar mežu)

Porcini soup

Pork marinated in cranberries with lingonberry sauce and roast potatoes

Wild berry mousse

Offer of the day “Hunter’s Power Dose” (Mednieka spēka deva)

Hunting soup – EUR 5

Carrot-pumpkin flatbread – EUR 2

Bacon cakes – EUR 2

Herbal tea – EUR 2

Extra: Orienteering game “Tracker” (Pēdzinis) – EUR 2; Escape game “Dark tales of the green forest” – EUR 30/group (with prior arrangement)

Offer pric: “Encounter” – EUR 35 pp., “Conversations with the forest” – EUR 25 pp.

Working hours:

16 September, offer of the day available 12:00 – 20:00, Three-course menu available at 12:00, 16:00

17 September, offer of the day 12:00–18:00, Three-course menu available at 14:00

Additional options: Three-course meals will give you the chance to explore the manor museum by following a special themed activity map. You will have a chance to buy souvenirs in the souvenir shop of the castle and take away the offer of the day.

Payments: Cash, Non-cash, Webshop payment option

Booking: Three-course meals must be booked in advance. Advance booking for the offer of the day is not required.

Address: “Jaunmokas Manor”, Tume rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 26187442, e-mail: info@jaunmokupils.lv, www.jaunmokupils.lv

Art Residence “Zīlītes”

A restaurant of art and taste with an unusual performance, where different arts of life come together with the art of taste. Hosts Inese Vismane and Iveta Trence will create an art and taste restaurant with a 4-course taste experience, where the tango will be playing in the background and the nuances of the flavour bouquet will be lyrical.


Tea ceremony with tasting of various teas

Nature’s flavour and colour painting, or a smorgasbord of different flavours and colours

Soup “Green cardinal” (spinach/root chard purée)

“Four Seasons” – vegetables of various flavours and colours, meat stew

Specially prepared vegetable/fruit sweet cream

Offer price: Combo offer – EUR 20 pp.

Working hours: 16 September 12:00–19:00

Additional options: Visitors to the café will have the opportunity to dance tango, write poetry, draw, paint and sing.

Payments: Cash, Bank transfer ahead of the visit

Booking: Must book in advance.

Address: “Zīlītes”, Smārde rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 25904065, e-mail: ivetatrence@inbox.lv, www.facebook.com/baltavilkatakassmarde

Ķemeri National Park

In the meadow near DARE in Antiņciems

Feel and enjoy the meadow with food and activities. Visiting Sanita Matule and Indulis Skrebelis, who deeply appreciate the biologically valuable meadow, the history of their village and the heritage of the chicory-growing tradition, you will have the opportunity to taste dishes using the richness of the meadow, chicory coffee and herbal teas collected by the owner-herbalist. There will also be hunger pancake baking, singing, workshops, exhibitions and other activities in the meadow.


The Big Menu

Bonfire bean soup with dandelion and thistle roots

Locally produced sausage roasted on bonfire

Selection of ice-creams: meadow-sweet, chocolate, chicory with meadow flower decorations

Chicory coffee with warm milk and honey

Meadow herbal tea and biscuit combo

Meadow herbal tea pot

Flower biscuits (3 pcs.)

Extra: Baking hunger pancakes – EUR 6

Offer price: The Big Menu – EUR 15 pp., Meadow herbal tea and biscuit combo – EUR 6 pp.

Working hours: 16 September 12:00–17:00 and 17 September 12:00–16:00

Additional options: Visiting neighbour’s horses and feeding them special treats. You will also be able to visit the shop “Sanitas Pļavas veltes” and buy Sanita's own herbal products, souvenirs and neighbouring delicacies.

Payments: Cash

Booking: Must book in advance.

Address: “Dare atpūties pļavā”, Antiņciems, Lapmežciems rural municipality, Tukums municipality Telephone: (+371) 27891575, e-mail: sanita.matule@gmail.com, www.facebook.com/atputaDARE

“Grieķu Taverna” – a chance to taste traditional Greek dishes

“Grieķu Taverna”, a home-style café, offers traditional Greek cuisine while enjoying Greek music in the background. The owner Raivis is a Latvian who got to know traditional Greek cuisine while living in Greece, whereas the host Ionela is a Greek who moved from Greece to Latvia, and now both of them, together with their children, offer authentic Greek dishes for everyone to taste right here in Smārde. The meal will be served in three courses in a special Greek taverna style.


First course - appetizers: traditional Greek tzatziki dip, traditional Greek ktipiti dip, traditional Greek fava, freshly baked Greek bread with olives, Greek salad with feta cheese.

Second course – main course: Squid cooked on the spot, mussels and prawns with traditional Greek saganaki, octopus, all accompanied by freshly baked potatoes with Greek dips. Opportunity to taste Greek balsamic creams, grape vinegar, olive oils with the main course.

Third course - dessert: traditional Greek sweets, Authentic Greek coffee or frappe – a refreshing iced coffee.

Offer price: Combo offer – EUR 35 pp.

Working hours: 16 and 17 September at 12:00, 15:00, 18:00

Additional options: See rabbits and baby goats. There will be live Greek music accompaniment — a unique opportunity to enjoy traditional Greek culture live. Taste and buy various Greek delicacies, including olives and olive oil.

Payments: Cash, Non-cash, Bank transfer ahead of the visit. An advance payment to be made at the time of booking.

Booking: Must book in advance.

Address: “Mazpūces”, Smārde rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 26701015, e-mail: griekija@gmail.com, www.facebook.com/griekija.lv

Autumn picnic in “Pilsētnieki”

The autumn picnic at “Pilsētnieki”, surrounded by the Zemgale plains and meadows, will offer marinated and cooked shashlik and various home-made delicacies by hosts Sarmīte and Ieva. There will also be a home-made wine tasting. The café will be complemented by a craft market and activities for children with workshops and a playground.


“Pilsētnieki” shashlik

Chicken shashlik* – EUR 10

Pork shashlik* – EUR 10

Meat soup – EUR 5

*Menu includes shashlik meat, new potatoes fried in butter, assorted autumn vegetables. Vegetarians will be offered fire-grilled vegetables instead of shashlik

“Pilsētnieki” sweets: Assorted desserts – EUR 3

Drinks: Tea from the “Pilsētnieki” garden – compliments of the hostesses, Garden berry drink – EUR 1, Coffee – EUR 2

Extra: Wine tasting EUR 5–7

Working hours: 16 September 11:00–21:00

Additional options: Tasting of Oak, Lilac, Blackcurrant, Redcurrant and other home-made wines. The craft market will offer hand-pressed linen, a variety of teas from the “Pilsētnieki” garden and meadows, and apples from the autumn harvest.

Payments: Cash, Non-cash, Bank transfer ahead of the visit

Booking: Must book in advance.

Address: Pilsētnieki”, Slampe rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 29497272 (Sarmīte), 26575059 (Ieva), e-mail: info@pilsetnieki.lv, www.pilsetnieki.lv

The flavour of autumn on the seashore

“Adventure of seashore flavours” (Jūrciemu garšas piedzīvojums) in Lapmežciems

An experience of the traditional flavours of fishing villages in authentic seashore ambience. Here, the hosts – Ieva Einause, Ieva Janelsiņa-Briede, Vineta Vējone, Dace Treimane-Freimane, Iveta Meiere and Velga Kronberga, who are members of the Seashore Village Society, invite you to visit the old farmstead and taste dishes typical to the Tukums region in a simple and respectful environment. Alongside the delicious treats, visitors will be able to “taste” Jūrciems, by enjoying the ambience of the place, inspecting evidence of fishing and exploring the neighbourhood with audio-guided walks. There will also be an activity corner for children.


Full offer with advance booking

Starter “Lark’s bread with alarm clock” – home-made bread with bacon, which fishermen used to take along for breakfast. “Alarm clock” – home-made blackcurrant infusion

Fish soup “That’s one good soup!” (Vai, ku’ smeķīgs!)

Locally produced fish platter “Enjoy to the fullest” (Piesien dūšu) – sprats, herring, smoked fish with accompaniments

Carrot bread à la Grandma with tea or coffee

Optional blackcurrant juice or mint lemonade

No booking required

Soup – EUR 6

Carrot flatbread with tea or coffee – EUR 5

Blackcurrant juice or mint lemonade - EUR 1

Offer price: Full offer – EUR 25 pp.

Working hours: 16 September at 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00

Additional options: There will be an opportunity to buy local products: mint syrup, blackcurrant jam, souvenirs from fishing villages, fish biscuits, jewellery and freshly baked bread.

Payments: At the time of booking — by bank transfer before the visit. Without prior booking — cash payment; by bank transfer made on spot at the time of the event.

Booking: Must book in advance. Visitors who have not made a reservation will be able to buy individual dishes while they last. Booking at www.jurciemi.lv/majaskafejnica

Address: “Gaiķi”, Lapmežciems, Lapmežciems rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 29425626, 26409483, e-mail: info@jurciemi.lv, www.jurciemi.lv

“Flavour stop” (Garšu piestātne) in Plieņciems

For the third year in a row, the Miller family, who are passionate travellers, lovers of cooking and enjoying food, invite you to their home café “Flavour stop” (Garšu piestātne) in Plieņciems. This time, too, the Home Café Days will offer the opportunity to taste traditional dishes from different countries and desserts will be provided by the special dessert buffet of the café hosts’ friends and neighbours. On Saturday, you will have the opportunity to take part in the now traditional Bingo game.


Main courses

Georgian traditional soup kharcho – EUR 5

Vegetarian portion of Indian vegetable curry – EUR 6

Traditional Mexican chilli con carne with beans – EUR 7

Caesar’s (wife’s) salad – EUR 5

“Flavour stop” sweets: A dessert from friends’ buffet – EUR 3–5

Drinks: Coffee – EUR 2

Working hours: 16 September 12:00–20:00

Additional options: Takeaway meals will also be available for purchase.

Payments: Cash, Bank transfer ahead of the visit

Booking: Must book in advance. Booking at https://ej.uz/garsupiestatneanketa or by sending a text/message on WhatsApp at 26541941 before 15/09/2023.

Address: “Kausenieki” (13 Plieņu Street), Plieņciems, Engure rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 26541941, e-mail: edite.millere@gmail.com, https://ej.uz/garsupiestatne

“Fisherman’s catch” (Zvejnieka loms) in Ķesterciems

At the home café in Ķesterciems, hosts Ilmārs and Brigita will offer local fish and accompaniments prepared by themselves. The café “Fisherman’s catch” (Zvejnieka loms) will not only welcome you to a wholesome and tasty meal, but also offer you a special fisherman’s story about the history of fishing. The owner Ilmārs is a fourth-generation fisherman and is happy to share his knowledge and experience through anecdotes, while the bubbly hostess Brigita is happy to share the story of Ķesterciems. Visitors will also be awaited by a musical surprise.


Main courses: Ilmārs’ fish campfire soup, Fish cutlets with garnish

Dessert: Buberts with season’s berry kissel

Drinks: Peppermint or cowslip tea – EUR 2, Coffee – EUR 2

Extra: Host Ilmārs’ story about fishing, pulling the fish line, identifying the species of the catch – EUR 1

Offer price: Price per portion of all three courses – EUR 15 pp.

Working hours: 16 September 12:00–18:00

Additional options: Takeaway fish soup will be available for purchase.

Payments: Cash

Booking: Must book in advance.

Address: Hostel “Pludmalis”, “Mūrnieki”, Engure rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 29287271, e-mail: brigita.raginska@gmail.com

Manor park buffet in Engure

The new owners of Engure Clergy House, Daina and Ainārs Dubra, have done a tremendous job in restoring the manor, allowing every visitor to enjoy this well-kept place. At the home café “Manor Park Buffet” (Muižas parka bufete), the hosts will join forces with their bigger and smaller sailors to offer a nice little family buffet lunch. The autumn harvest will be particularly honoured, but there will also be special and unconventional surprises. One of them is the dreamy blue tea. To entertain the visitors, there will be games and several seating areas in the courtyard.


Mains and snacks

Cream of pumpkin and tomato Indian summer soup – EUR 8

Fresh oysters with French fries – from EUR 12

Pumpkin pancakes – EUR 5

Dessert: Chocolate cake – EUR 4

Drinks: Various – from EUR 2

Working hours: 16 September 12:00–16:00

Additional options: Guests are introduced to a range of creative workshops on offer and the renovated premises of the manor. Participation in the workshops is by prior reservation. Souvenirs, locally produced textiles, takeaway food and drinks will also be available for purchase.

Payments: Cash, Bank transfer ahead of the visit

Booking: Must book in advance.

Address: 66 Jūras Street, Engure, Engure rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 26565812, e-mail: info@perlerada.com, www.facebook.com/perlerada

Visiting the fish farm “Lucītis” in Engure

Fish farm “Lucītis”, managed by Iveta and Andis Andersons and Eva and Juris Andersons-Sivgaļi, will offer fish soup cooked over a campfire and a tasting of the farm’s favourite fish smokes, as well as a special dessert during Home Café Days.Visitors will also have an opportunity to go on a guided tour of the farm, accompanied by the owner Andis. There will be various attractions and horse rides for children, and the musical accompaniment throughout the day will be ensured by the duet “Līdzsvars”.


Mains and snacks: Fish soup cooked over a campfire with bread baked in Engure, Smoked fish platter with a selection of fish favourites

Desserts: Pastry punnet with mascarpone cheese and fruit filling

Drinks: Mint tea made from mint grown in own garden

Offer price: Combo offer – EUR 20 per grown-up, Combo offer – EUR 10 per child aged 11 to 18 years of age, Combo offer – free of charge for children up to 10 years of age

Working hours: 17 September 11:00–18:00

Additional options: Smoked and marinated fish from the fish farm “Lucītis”, as well as souvenirs from the workshop “Striķu darbnīcas Jums” will be available to bring back home.

Payments: Cash, Non-cash

Booking: Must book in advance.

Address: 41 Jūras Street, Engure, Engure rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 29846510, e-mail: ieva_andersone@inbox.lv

Visiting “Pie Kundziņiem” in Bērzciems

The home café “Pie Kundziņiem” is a place where rustic chic meets seaside charm. Here, the hosts Sindija and Atis Kundziņi will offer dishes made using products from their cheese farm that will appeal to families with children. “Kundziņ’siers” is a family-run cheese dairy farm where fragrant and delicious cheese rolls are made every day and will also be available for takeaway. A “Cake Bar” will also be open for guests.


Appetizers: Salad with baked cheese “Kundziņ’siers” – EUR 6

Main courses

Cheese nuggets with fries and sweet chilli sauce – EUR 7

Chicken shashlik with French fries and sauce (ketchup, garlic sauce) – EUR 9.70

Turkey meat goulash soup – EUR 5


Homemade Ricotta cheese with strawberry sauce – EUR 4

Panna Cotta with berry sauce – EUR 3.50

“Kundziņ’siers” yoghurt layer – EUR 3.50


Coffee – EUR 1.50

Refreshing lemonade “Bērzciema lagūna” – EUR 1.50

Bubble lemonade – EUR 1.50

Berry juice – EUR 0.50

Lemon water – free

Working hours: 16 September 13:00–19:00 and 17 September 13:00–17:00

Payments: Cash

Booking: Advance booking is not compulsory, but preferable

Address: “Smiltiņi”, Bērzciems, Engure rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 28656749, e-mail: sindija@kundzina@inbox.lv, www.facebook.com/kundzinsiers

Home café of the fisherman’s homestead “Dieniņas”

The Celkarts family – the engaging and energetic Latvian hostess Iveta, who speaks the language of the local people, and her husband Oskars, who inherited the craft of fishing and fish preparation from his ancestors – are the owners of the fishermen’s farm “Dieniņas”. Be ready to have fish galore at the home café. The food will be served at the fishermen’s yard in the atmosphere of the last century, there will be an exhibition of grandmother’s handicrafts, and there will be an opportunity to listen to historical anecdotes on request.


Mains and snacks

Fish soup with frikandel – EUR 3.50

Fish shashlik (chargrilled fish with potatoes and salad) – EUR 9

Baked fish fillet with roasted turnips and salad – EUR 10/12

Cured fish with garnish – EUR 7

Children’s combo – EUR 3.50

Hostess’ special desserts

Delicious ice cream – EUR 5

Quark quiche with strawberry sauce – EUR 5

Drinks: Various non-alcoholic beverages

Working hours: 16 September 11:00–19:00

Additional options: Various fish products and souvenirs will be available for purchase to take home.

Payments: Cash, Non-cash

Booking: Must book in advance.

Address: “Dieniņas”, Bērzciems, Engure rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 26676283, e-mail: ivetaunoskars@inbox.lv, www.facebook.com/dieninas.lv

A taste of the Irlava area

Visiting Grandma “Pie Omītes”

The home café “Pie Omītes” in Irlava’s farm “Mazdadžīši”, hosted by owners Iveta Būmane and Sandra Birne, will offer not only a warm welcome, full bellies and great sensations, but will also conjure up memories thanks to the “olden days” style interior with a menu of dishes handed down through generations and the most delicious meals will be put on the table. Children will have their own play corner, and the most adventurous adults will have access to the “Comics 18+” exhibition of cartoons and board games. A cocktail bar will also be open for guests.


Granny’s pancakes

With jam – EUR 4

With smoked salmon – EUR 4

With quark cream – EUR 4

Granny’s soups

Fresh salmon soup – EUR 5

Bean soup with cured pig snout – EUR 5

Granny’s main courses

Stuffed fish with vegetables and cheese cap + garnish – EUR 8

Partridge meat roll + garnish – EUR 8

Sides: Sautéed sauerkraut, pickled vegetables, carrot, pea stew

Granny’s desserts

Raspberry sauce with caramel cream – EUR 3

Apple pie with ice cream – EUR 3

Granny’s cakes

Chocolate cake – EUR 2.50/150 g

Honey cake – EUR 2.50/ 150 g

Granny’s snacks: Bacon cakes


Hot blackcurrant drink – EUR 2

Home-brewed beer – EUR 4/0.3 l

Home-made raspberry wine – EUR 3/0.2 l

Coffee – EUR 1.50

Tea – EUR 1

Working hours: 16 September 10:00–20:00 and 17 September 11:00–17:00

Additional options: There will be an opportunity to buy raspberries from the owners’ garden, honey, teas and handicrafts. You will also be able to buy works from the bold exhibition “Comics, 18+”.

Payments: Cash

Booking: Must book in advance.

Address: “Mazdadzīši”, Irlava rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 27509899, e-mail: pieomites@inbox.lv, www.facebook.com/pieomites

 “Vecsāti pillars”

Vecsāti is a traditional place that loves a sentimental lingering in the past, on the banks of serene ponds and at the foot of big trees. Sanita Rozenšteina is the main storyteller here, and during the Home Café Days, she and her assistants will offer you to enjoy hearty autumn soups and pies accompanied by the Vecsāti hostess’ story sauces. The chests of Vecsāti hold many stories about the cycles of nature, traditions, and the origins of food. Here you can regain your strength, but you can also become a pillar of Vecsāti. For those who want to enjoy the atmosphere of Vecsāti in the company of friends, find the most comfortable spot in the meadow or at the foot of the trees and enjoy the last picnic of the season.

Saturday menu

For those in a hurry – EUR 10 pp.

Turmeric consommé (clarified broth) with mini dumplings (tortellini)

“Hearty combo for friends” – in a picnic basket – EUR 15 pp.

Minestrone soup

Pork pie or chicken or chicken-mushroom pie

Sweet pie or galette

Hot and cold drink

“Hearty combo with story sauces” – EUR 25 pp.

Minestrone soup

Beef pie

Sweet galettes and pies

Hot and cold drink

Vegetarian offer – EUR 20 pp.

Moroccan carrot soup

Pumpkin ravioli in brown butter sauce or vegetable–curry pie

Sweet fruit or berry tart

Hot and cold drink

Hot drinks

Indian spiced milk tea Masala chai – EUR 3

Selonian acorn coffee – EUR 2

Herbal tea pot – EUR 1.50

Cold drinks

Flavoured water – EUR 1

Fruit juice – EUR 1

Sunday offer

“Pork and cabbage soup” or the story of a Selonian family – EUR 5/portion

Working hours: 16 September 14:00–20:00 and 17 September 14:00–18:00

Additional options: In addition, there will be an exhibition of paintings by Andris Vītols and a photo story of the Vecsāti renaissance “There was, there is and there will be!”.

Payments: Cash (exact amount), Bank transfer ahead of the visit, An advance payment to be made at the time of booking

Booking: The combo for the visitors who are in a rush, booking is welcome but not required; for the others, booking is compulsory. Please enjoy the cosy tranquillity on site without children!

Address: “Vecsātu muiža”, Vecsāti, Jaunsāti rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 26455888 (Judīte), e-mail: vecsatumuiza@gmail.com, www.facebook.com/Vecsati

Tēviņkalns café

On a day to day basis, this is a place where wine is made from fruits, berries and grapes picked in the local orchard and in the wild, but during the Home Café Days, the owners of “Tēviņkalns café” Ivo and Ginta Immermanis, will offer guests forest game dishes, dessert and various wines from the vineyard’s assortment. There will also be an opportunity to visit the gardens, the vineyard and pick raspberries to take away.


Mains and snacks

Venison meat soup – EUR 8

Venison pilaff – EUR 10

Dessert: Ice-cream with fresh berry sauce – EUR 5

Drinks: Wine, juice, coffee, tea - 1-3 EUR

Working hours: 16 September 11:00–19:00 and 17 September 11:00–19:00

Additional options: The visitors will have an opportunity to buy products from the “Tēviņkalns” vineyard shop.

Payments: Cash, Non-cash, Bank transfer ahead of the visit

Booking: Must book in advance.

Address: “Tēviņi”, Zemīte rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 29106705, e-mail: info@tevinumajasvins.lv, www.tevinumajasvins.lv

“Auri” RaDoTava – a mosaic of tastes, sensations, nature paintings and sounds

“Auri” is a place of peace, strength and creativity, home to Guna Misāne, Ojārs Vītoliņš and Vilnis Misāns. The home café “Auri” will offer three moods of tastes and sensations in nature: “Sauna Spirit Treat” filled with childhood memories, “Indian Summer at the Family Table” with a gathering at a proper family table to enjoy an Indian summer of your childhood, and the romantic “Peace of Contemplation” with homemade marshmallows, marmalade, meringue biscuits, drinks and listening to poetry and music. On Saturday evening, visitors will be treated to a concert offered by the hosts.


Sauna Spirit Treat: Potatoes roasted in the fireplace, boiled broad beans, green cocktails of Jaunpils curd milk, nettle crisps, herbal pesto “Balandiņa” – EUR 8

Indian Summer at the Family Table: Cheese and vegetable soup, oven-stewed vegetables with herbs, dumpling soup with or without sweet forest berries, snacks “Childhood memories”, coffee – EUR 18

Peace of contemplation: Homemade marshmallows and marmalade “Delllicious” made by our friends, meringue biscuits from Irlava IK “Amsa”, mint and flower lemonade, coffee, herbal tea – EUR 10

Extra: Creative workshop “The story of coloured sand” – EUR 5, Creative workshop “Memories of summer” – EUR 5, Concert “Heart Strengthening in Poetry and Music” on 16 September  – EUR 8, Painting exhibition in the grove – free

Working hours: 16 September 14:00–20:30

Additional options: Participation in creative workshops, crafts made by the hosts for purchase, an exhibition of paintings in the grove, as well as a visit of the mood territories, an exhibition of paintings. On Saturday evening, at 20:30, a concert by the hosts.

Payments: Cash

Booking: Must book in advance. A visit to the workshops and the concert must be booked separately.

Address: “Auri”, Viesatas rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 29429310, e-mail: raguna@inbox.lv, www.facebook.com/GunaMisane

A taste of autumn in Kandava and vicinity

Café “Bez steigas” (No rush) at the Kandava Museum of Local History

The Kandava Museum of Local History invites you to revive the ancient traditions of coffee drinking by tasting acorn coffee, the taste of which combines the strength of the oaks of the Abava ancient river valley and the old homeliness of Kandava. There will also be an opportunity to taste a homemade sponge cake, enjoy desserts from the depths of childhood memories and the festive soup of Kurzeme. Visitors to the café will also have the opportunity to forge their own souvenir coin, get acquainted with the museum’s 100 treasures and play digital or board games.


Mains and snacks: Festive soup of Kurzeme – EUR 5, Flavour of childhood – EUR 3, Cake – EUR 3

Drinks: Acorn coffee – EUR 2

Working hours: 16 September 10:00–18:00

Additional options: There will be an opportunity to buy Kandava’s acorn coffee as a souvenir to take away. There will also be products from “Meža maize”, honey from “Senlejas bites” and organic teas from the herbalist Inta.

Payments: Cash

Booking: Must book in advance.

Address: 11 Talsu Street, Kandava, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 26593739, e-mail: guna.oseniece@tukums.lv, kandmuz@inbox.lv, www.facebook.com/Kandavasmuzejs

The magic of the Abava ancient river valley at the Kalnmuiža manor apple orchard

The home café “Kalnmuiža manor apple orchard” offers lovingly prepared meals in a magnificent setting, surrounded by the magic of the Abava ancient river valley. The host Kristīne Otmane, who can charm any guest with her charisma and her refined cooking skills, manages Kalnmuiža Manor on a day to day basis. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy it during the Home Café Days, in the autumnal atmosphere of the romantic apple orchard, at beautifully laid tables, tasting the flavours of the season. Visitors to the Home Café will also have the opportunity to go on a guided tour and listen to a concert.


Mains and snacks

Fresh Straciatella cheese with tomato sauce made by Ēriks of Sabile, served with fresh rocket and cherry tomatoes fried in garlic oil – EUR 9.50

Porcini mushroom croquette with dried onion sauce and bacon crisps – EUR 9.50

Duck smoked at Kalnmuiža in a tortellini with porcini mushroom velouté – EUR 15.00

Special sweet treats of Kalnmuiža Manor

Kalnmuiža apple country cake – EUR 7.00

Kalnmuiža apple and blackcurrant marshmallows – EUR 5.00

Working hours: 16 September 11:00–18:00 and 17 September 11:00–18:00

Additional options: Guided tours organised by the hosts on both Home Café days: 13:00, 15:30 and 18:00. On Saturday evening the guests will have an opportunity to hear the new concert programme of Kristaps Vanadziņš “Portraits” at 19:00; a fee applies. Marshmallows, meringue biscuits and delicious freshly baked bread made at Kalmnuiža Manor will be available to purchase.

Payments: Cash, Non-cash

Booking: Must book in advance.

Address: Kalnmuiža Manor, Kandava rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 26699033, e-mail: kalnmuizaspils@gmail.com, www.kalnmuizaspils.lv

“Childhood land” at “Lejaskroķi” of Matkule

The home café “Childhood Land” will offer guests to catch your childhood by the tail and enjoy a heart-warming day with your family. In addition to lunch, you can also pet rabbits, shop at the festive market and ride the neighbours’ horses. Vegetarian options will be on offer, alongside homemade wine tastings. The Home Café in “Lejaskroķi” is the place to taste the Zilbert family’s favourite dishes, explore a farm and discover the secrets of the woods like in your childhood, and dance at the autumn party in the evening.


Mains and snacks

Pumpkin purée with roasted seeds – EUR 5

Frikandel soup – EUR 6

Rabbit skewers with tomatoes and vegetables – EUR 15

Vegetarian vegetable skewers – EUR 6

Desserts: Sour dough dessert – EUR 6

Drinks: Wine of Lejaskroķi – EUR 9 (bottle), Wine of Lejaskroķi – EUR 2.50 (glass)

Extra: Horse riding – EUR 2, Autumn Ball on Saturday – EUR 5

Working hours: 16 September 12:00–24.00 and 17 September 11:00–17:00

Additional options: A special surprise from the hosts for large families: by presenting the Honorary Family Card 3+ to the waitress during the meal, the family will receive a gift of bread baked by the hostess. On Saturday evening, from 20:00 until midnight, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a traditional open-air dance by the river.

Payments: Cash, Bank transfer ahead of the visit

Booking: Must book in advance.

Address: “Kroķi- 2”, Matkule rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 26547377, e-mail: maijazilberta@gmail.com

Harvest festival at “Smilgāji”

“Smilgāji” is a place created and run by Aiga Bitmane and her family, where others can draw strength and enjoy the tranquillity of the landscape. The home café “Harvest Festival at “Smilgāji”” offers the opportunity to enjoy your meal outdoors, in nature at a real four-metre long family table or at individual tables throughout the garden. The spring and harvest festivities at “Smilgāji” will evoke the taste of childhood with seasonal specialities. Climbing the umurkumurs pole to get pretzel buns and other delicacies will be a special treat.


Appetize: A warming baked tomato soup with bread croutons

Main course: Pork in apple and cream sauce with roasted vegetables and pearl barley stew

Desser: Forest moss jar cake with lemon cream and fresh berries (spinach cake with cream and berries)

Extra: There will be a cake bar with a variety of jar cakes, as well as hot drinks – tea, coffee, sea buckthorn drink. Also special dishes of the day will be on offer – cooked over a live fire, which can be enjoyed without prior reservation.

Offer price: Three-course combo – EUR 15 pp., Appetizer or dessert – EUR 6 pp., Main course – EUR 8 pp.

Working hours: 16 September 12:00–18:00 and 17 September 12:00–16:00

Additional options: There will also be an autumn farm market, children can play in the playground and take part in the orienteering game “Around the farm”. Authentic apple juicing and sauerkraut pickling will take place in the courtyard.

Payment: Cash

Booking: Advance booking is advisable, but a special menu for those in a hurry will be offered.

Address: “Smilgāji”, Vāne rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 26460588, e-mail: aiga.bitman@gmail.com, www.facebook.com/smilgaji

Home Cafés in the area of Jaunpils

FIVE SENSES at the Garden of Nature Events

Arta and Artūrs Dumbri, the hosts of “Garden of Nature Events", who are creative in all their forms, will offer to enjoy the event with all five senses during the Home Café Days: taste – in plant-based food and drinks; touch – in creative workshops and a henna boudoir; hearing – in a concert of original songs by “Tūkstoš ceļi” and a whirlwind of the best summer dance hits; sense of smell – in beer and mint tasting and a plant scent identification game; sight – in the herb and tea garden and the experimental permaculture garden, as well as in the exhibition of artworks.


Mains and snacks

Tomato soup with grissini toast – EUR 3

Pumpkin soup with mushrooms – EUR 3

Warm pea ball wrap – EUR 5

Button mushroom / vegetable strudel – EUR 3

Salad “Dressing without herring” – EUR 4

Potato wedges with tomato salsa – EUR 3

Snack plate (lavash, toast, spring rolls, tomato muffins + sauce) – EUR 7

“Vagas” favourite home-made sweets

Chocolate blueberry muffin with filling and chocolate hat – EUR 3

Carrot cake with rhubarb cream – EUR 3

Nut cake date (two cakes – blackcurrant cashew and chocolate peanut) – EUR 3.5


Beer varieties – EUR 3–5

Freshly squeezed apple juice – EUR 2

Mint tea – EUR 1.5

Coffee – EUR 1

Turmeric, chicory and coffee lattes – EUR 2-3 (large and small)

Blackcurrant and strawberry smoothie – EUR 2.5

Homemade mint mojito – EUR 2

Extra: Beer tasting – EUR 5, DIY mint tasting – donations

Working hours: 16 September 11:00–22:00 and 17 September 12:00–18:00

Additional options: Takeaway will be available for individual cakes and the host's own brewed beer, as well as herbs from the herb and tea garden of the Garden of Nature Events. Saturday, at 19:00 a concert by the host’s musical group “Tūkstoš ceļi”.

Payments: Cash

Booking: Advance booking is not required, but you can reserve a table by calling: 29873001

Address: “Vagas”, Jaunpils rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 29873001, e-mail: arta.dumbre@gmail.com, www.facebook.com/dabasnotikumudarzs

Jaunpils Brewery Home Café

Sandra Smeltere and Miks Ozoliņš are the owners of Jaunpils Brewery. They are true patriots of their land and support local home producers and farms, so during the Home Café Days, they will offer dishes made from products grown in Jaunpils and the surrounding area by small farms, which are popular not only among Jaunpils residents, but also among visitors to Jaunpils. Visitors will also be offered a group tour of the Jaunpils Brewery.


Mains and snacks

Beer snacks with beer 0.3 L – EUR 6.50

Warming meat soup – EUR 4.50

Beer sausage with fire-roasted jacket potatoes – EUR 8

Grits or blood sausage with sour cream and lingonberry jam – EUR 7

Boiled crayfish (10 pcs.) – EUR 18

Jaunpils beer honey cake with herbal tea or elderflower drink – EUR 4.50

Extra: Beer tasting – EUR 6

Working hours: 16 September 13:00–18:00

Additional options: Jaunpils beer, beer gift sets, beer sweets and home-made products at the Jaunpils beer shop.

Payments: Cash, Non-cash

Booking: Must book in advance

Address: “Baltais Šķīnis Centrā”, Jaunpils, Jaunpils municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 26328281, e-mail: sandra@jaunpilsalus.lv, www.jaunpilsalus.lv

Forest ambience restaurant “Squirrels in needles again”

For the third year running, the Jaunpils Castle Tavern, led by its renowned chef Artūrs Aumalis, will share ideas about food as a living, healthy, nourishing and beautiful adventure in nature. The home café “Squirrels in the Needles Again” will offer you to enjoy food in nature, in a place that is shrouded in stories and legends – Kartavkalns Hill. Forest, nature, air, serenity, music, pleasure, beauty. Food that comes from nature is best enjoyed in nature! There will be a 3-course menu with a special chef’s compliment. There will also be gentle background music and beautiful, tastefully laid tables!

Menu “Squirrels in needles again”

A sweet, lovely, squirrelly compliment from the chef

Chestnut-mushroom cream soup served with dried porcini mushrooms, dill oil and bacon crumble

Venison ham cured in rowan berry wine, served with carrot-parsnip purée, roasted mushrooms, Brie cheese, lingonberry jam and toasted hazelnuts

Lingonberry-white chocolate cream served with apple sauce, hazelnuts and vanilla sauce

Offer price: Combo offer – EUR 33.33 pp.

Working hours: 16 September 12:00–18:00 and 17 September 12:00–18:00

Additional options: Takeaways and visitors will be able to buy campfire soup, pies and home-made cake without prior reservation. You will also be able to buy Jaunpils Castle souvenirs. Visitors to the café will have the opportunity to walk the Kartavkalns nature trail.

Payments: Bank transfer ahead of the visit

Booking: Must book in advance.

Address: Kartavkalni Nature Trail, Jaunpils rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: 28338860 (chef Artūrs Aumalis), 27021781 (Jaunpils Culture Centre manager Inese Gintere), e-mail: krogs@jaunpilspils.lv, inese.gintere@jaunpilspils.lv, www.jaunpilspils.lv

Rustic goods at “Rogas”

Veronika Smirnova, the owner of “Rogas”, is an organic dairy and meat farmer, but during the Home Café Days, she and her assistants will host guests in one of the buildings of the Baron von der Recke family estate – the coach house. The home café “Lauku labumi “Rogās”” will offer you authentic, hearty country food, with recipes that have been around for centuries. These will be special dishes, which the large family brings to the table every day, as well as on festive occasions.


Soups: Hearty goulash soup a la “Rogas” – EUR 5, Frikandel soup – EUR 4

Main courses: Pearl barley with bacon in cream sauce – EUR 7, Lamb stew with tomatoes and boiled potatoes and seasonal vegetable salad – EUR 10

Desserts: Buberts with seasonal berry sauce – EUR 4, Dried fruit kissel with whipped cream or milk – EUR 4

Drinks: Tea, coffee – EUR 2, Peppermint lemonade or water

Working hours: 16 September 12:00–19:00

Additional options: Learn about cheese processing, go on a farm tour and buy milk, dairy products and organically grown root crops.

Payments: Cash

Booking: Must book in advance.

Address: “Rogas”, Jaunpils rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Telephone: (+371) 29199848 (Veronika), 29251131 (Patricija), e-mail: verarogas@gmail.com, www.facebook.com/LMRogas

Home Café Days– a different way of travelling!