For Families with Children

Children are ready to embark on all sorts of trips. What matters most to them is that their adventurous mums and dads are with them!


For families, but not only, the Castle Tower in Tukums offers playing three old games: The fox and the goose, the predecessor of checkers “Alkerka”, and the Six Field game, which are known in Europa since the 13th–14th century. Meanwhile, the Kandava Regional Museum invites you drive to the market in a horse carriage.

The Pastariņš’ Museum is a museum for children, where you can play old countryside games and plays, and not only observe various works, but also try your hand, for example, at baking a bread loaf or gingerbread. The Fairy Tale Museum of Džūkste invites families with children to come and listen, read, recognise and draw fairy tales, play with puppets and step into the shoes of fairy tale heroes.

At the Jaunpils Castle, you can meet the jolly monk Brother Theodore and the kind castle mistress. During a special family programme “First steps in a court”, the castle mistress will show around the age-old castle, introduce you to the laws and rules of ladies and knights’ lives, show mediaeval weapons, as well as tell legends about the ghost of the Jaunpils Castle.

When several families come together, you can visit the aviation museum “Sky-Zoo”, where you can check out airplanes, which now have acquired the image of a wild animal.

Creative Workshops

The Straw Workshop in Tukums offers enjoying creative activities for children and grownups alike and trying your hand at making a straw or hay animal, doll, or another character. You can take your creation home. The potters at the Ivars Grasis’ Workshop will tell you an interesting story and allow you to step into a potter’s shoes. The workshop is located in Apšuciems, close to the sea.

At the “Koka centrs” (the Wood Centre) near the town of Tukums, you can learn wood carving skills from the very basics, but at the creative workshop “7 balles” in the area of Jaunpils, not only a wood working shop has been set up, but you can also learn how to make candles and create nail-yarn ornaments.

The leatherworker Andris Mihaļskis in his workshop “Andrii Art” in Tukums will tell you about the secrets of leather processing, whereas when visiting the artist Laila Kelle in the area of Lamiņi you can run along a nature trail or try out open air painting — open plain-air.

Entertainment and active recreation

You will find “The Medieval Courtyard” on the other side of the Swedish wall, opposite the Jaunpils Castle. On the weekends, the visitors can engage in various medieval activities — archery, arbalest shooting, spear and axe throwing, as well as coin minting. The recreation centre “Zviedru cepure” (The Swedish Cap) will welcome the whole family to enjoy exciting toboggan rides, which will be a fun experience for the children and adults alike. You can also try horseback riding or drive with baggy, walk on the nature trail, and organise a picnic.

Families, who are health-conscious and wish to try out something new and yet unseen, the recreational centre “Valguma pasaule” awaits you with a very broad range of offers. Here, you can go on a barefoot walk along the Trail of the Barefooted, play along the Board Game trail, enjoy the Nature Painting trail, as well as find your way through two mazes or go by bicycle on biking trails in the area of Lake Valgums.

Country Houses

Families with children, who are particularly fond of animals, can visit the country house Indāni”, because here you can still see, pet, hug and learn how to handle smaller and bigger farm animals, as well as participate in various farm works. If you are particularly interested in the rural life, the family can take part in tending the animals before nightfall, where, guided by the owner, all animal tending works are done.

A trip to the stud farm “Skudru staļļi” will be particularly exciting, as it will not only offer horseback riding and carriage driving, but also exploring a real horse stable.


All of you with the sweet tooth and especially those, who love chocolate, will find a trip to the Chocolate Museum worthwhile. Here, families have an excellent chance of learning the sweet story of chocolate, by actively participating in the learning process, visit the truffle room or try out what it feels like to be in a candy box. Together with the technologist, you can make various interesting chocolate treats and then taste them.

At the Rideļi Mill, families can order a special meal — the pancaking. Choose the filling for your pancake!

Those, who enjoy healthy treats, will like a visit to the snail farm “Kangari”, where, besides learning how snails are bred, you can also try various treats made of fruits and berries, apples, pears, rhubarbs, pumpkins and quince from the garden, and cranberries from the nearby forest. This place has syrups, jams, and chutneys. The special “Kangari” treat — caramelised orange slices with or without chocolate. Here, you can try and buy everything. When the kids are tired from observing and listening, they can run around at the playground or check out the agility challenge, go on a carousel ride, and go down a slide. Here, everything is particularly well-suited for pre-schoolers and elementary school children.