Enjoy the taste of autumn in the area of Tukums in September — at the doorstep to Kurzeme!

The Days of Home Cafés at the doorstep to Kurzeme will be inviting to taste the autumn in the area of Tukums on 17th and 18th September. Visitors will be welcomed at 18 home cafés. Over a period of two days, you will have a chance to visually and gastronomically enjoy the long beach of Tukums from Jaunķemeri all the way to Bērzciems, to admire the hills of Northern Kurzeme and the master-tricks of landladies of the area from Tukums to the ancient Abava river valley.

The owners of cafés in the area of Jaunpils will guide you into forests and gardens, by presenting dishes, whose ingredients have been taken directly from nature, whereas in the Ķemeri National Park, you have a chance to try both Latvian and Greek dishes, while enjoying the nature and the autumn. Tukums is inviting to explore the small-town charm and then head towards the countryside, visit a restaurant or a wedding as you may like.

Let us travel in the autumn and enjoy it with more than just our eyes! Taste the autumn in dishes created by the locals of Tukums.

The Taste of the Hills of Kurzeme

This offer will take you over the hills in the area of Tukums to both the Northern Kurzeme and westwards. You will have a chance to explore the vicinity of Jaunmokas Manor, which stands proud on hilltops surrounded by its garden, which hosts the family restaurant “Corner’s”, and to enjoy a feast in the valley in Tume as wedding guests. In Matkule, you will have a chance to try some treats and pet animals, while gazing upon the valley of River Amula, whereas in Irlava you can taste age-old dishes while listening to ancient stories, including about the Students’ Hill. At the Rūžciems semi-manor, dishes on offer will be just as colourful as the paintings by the artist landlady.

Home Cafés in the Area of Jaunpils

Many associate the name of Jaunpils with the medieval castle. But this time we are inviting you to explore the forests and gardens of the area. The team of Jaunpils Castle tavern will be inviting you to Kartavkalni to endulge in a meal at the larch alley, while the florist Agnese in Jaunpils will become the landlady of the forest restaurant. In the area of Jurģi, the large family of the farmhouse “Rogas” will welcome you as a part of the family, whereas the young owners of the country house “Vagas” in Pētertāle will surprise you with both vegetarian and vegan options.

Taste the Autumn on the Seashore

The municipality of Tukums has nearly 60 km of seashore which is home to many fishing villages. In three of these, landladies will be welcoming you to taste the autumn. The host of “Kausenieki” homestead in Plieņciems will once again be offering dishes of various cuisines as the family are quite the travellers. In the fishing homestead “Lucītis” in Engure, you will have a chance to enjoy and buy fish, while the creative corner “Pērle rada” you can taste a gastronomical Indian summer offer under the ancient trees of the Engure Vicarage. In Bērzciems, you can visit the makers of “Kurdziņ’siers”, which will be an excellent destination for cheese-lovers and families with children. Whereas the witty owner of the nearby fishing homestead “Dieniņas” will be welcoming you to serious and not so serious conversations while enjoying a fish dinner.

Autumn Flavour at the Ķemeri National Park

The Ķemeri National Park is one of the most charming places in Latvia where the beauty of marshlands, forests and meadows is manifested in full force. In the meadows of Antiņciems by “Dāre”, you can enjoy aromas and flavours with meadow flowers and chicory, while “Valguma pasaule” will take you on a voyage of unusual landscapes and tastes with a raft on the lake. On the bank, on the very edge of the park, in Jaunķemeri, the restaurant “Neptūns” under the pine trees will offer a fairground atmosphere with its autumn menu. Whereas in the small Latvian-Greek style garden in Smārde, the owners will create the feel of Greece both in food and ambience.


The offer and hosts you can find on the website of the promotion.

See you in the area of Tukums!