Come Visit Our Cinemas and Museums!

Finally and at last, this weekend we invite you to Tukums not only to visit our various outdoor walking trails, but also to watch movies in an exciting way at the Cinevilla film park, as well as visit castles and museums in Tukums area.

Cinema in Your Car

Starting from this weekend, the Cinevilla film park will offer an opportunity to watch movies on the big screen while sitting in your car (drive-in cinema). Screenings will begin every Friday and Saturday at 10.30 PM. To make the event more special, there will be a special musical or theatrical surprise performance before the screening.

Keeping in line with the social distancing rules, there is a possibility to visit and see the film park CINEVILLA before the movie screening, as well as enjoy a delicious meal in the pub "Cinevilla". You can pre-order snacks for the movie screening by calling 26150042 and receive them from 9.30 to 10.15 PM at the Cinevilla pub before entering the parking lot of the venue, intended for the "Cinema in Your Car" event.Opening hours of the pub: 10.00 AM - 10.30 PM. Address: Film Park CINEVILLA, “Vidusvecvagari”, Slampe parish, Tukums region. More information: phone 29366654, 28606677, www.facebook.lv/Cinevilla Events, www.cinevillaevents.lv

Time to Go to the Museum!

All the buildings of Tukums museum are also open to visitors and, by prior reservation, they are looking forward to welcome all those interestedover the weekend.

Anexhibition-sale titled Our Gold of handmade souvenirs made by the Decorative Folk Art Studio “Durbe" artists can be seen at the Weaving Workshop. Address: Tidaholmas St. 3, Tukums. More information and reservations by phone 25622267, www.tukumamuzejs.lv

Tukums Museum of Art hosts a new exhibition titled On the Sun’s side. Artwork by Leonīds Āriņš and Aleksejs Naumovs”. It reveals Tukums museum founder's, old master Leonīds Āriņš and plein air painter's Aleksejs kindred sense of colour and love for fauvism and French modern painting. Address: Harmonijas St. 7, Tukums. More information and reservations by phone 25494677, www.tukumamuzejs.lv

At the Durbe Manor, you can still visit exhibitions “In Search for the Lost Time. Kuznetsov's Porcelain in Zuzāns Collection and „For Homeland and for Latvia. 1918 - 1920”, which is complemented by the story about the armoured car “Imanta”, as well as the historic interior of the manor. Address: Durbe Manor, M. Parka St. 7, Tukums. More information and reservations by phone 26305946, www.tukumamuzejs.lv

Tukums History Museum “Castle Tower” hosts an exhibition “Cinema in Tukums and offers a special cinema-themed route through the centre of Tukums. Address: Brīvības Sq.19a, Tukums. More information and reservations by phone 25622131, www.tukumamuzejs.lv

The art gallery “Durvis” hosts an exhibition of artwork of well-known painters and ceramic artists titled "Art in Spring". Artworks are available for purchase. Address: Brīvības Sq. 21, Tukums. More information by phone 28391437, www.tukumamuzejs.lv

Džūkste Fairy Tale Museum invites you to see a new exhibition titled “Bear Cubs. It is devoted to the 150th anniversary of teacher, folklorist, and poet Ernests Ludis Bērziņš. The exhibition shows 16 illustrations created by Ansis Bērziņš for folk lullaby “Hushabye, Bear Cubs” (“Aijā žūžū lāča bērni”) which was collected and recorded in writing by Ernests Ludis Bērziņš.Address: Lancenieki school, Džūkste parish, Tukums region. More information and reservations by phone 26513314, www.tukumamuzejs.lv/dzukstes-pasaku-muzejs

Pastariņš Museum welcomes you to see writer's Ernests Birznieks-Upītis birthplace – farmstead with its historic buildings which have been restored to reflect the situation in the mid-20th century, when the farmstead was managed by the writer's brother Kārlis Birznieks. Address: “Bisnieki”, Dzirciems, Zentene parish, Tukums region. More information by phone 28651091, www.tukumamuzejs.lv/pastarina-muzejs

Before visiting the museum, remember that you must make a reservation by informing your time of arrival via phone or e-mail!

Be a Discoverer in Jaunpils!

In its turn, Jaunpils invites adults and children to an open-air quest game called “Discoverer”. It's a fascinating hike with riddles and hidden clues in the length of 4 to 5 hours and it leads through the picturesque Kartavkalna nature trail, centre of Jaunpils, and the mysterious Hell Hill.During the game, you will have an opportunity to enjoy beautiful nature, learn many interesting facts about the history of Jaunpils and Latvia, as well as have a great time with your friends or family. The game is intended for individual play at any time in any weather conditions.There are small journeys involved between stages of the game in order to get from one stage to another. Address: Jaunpils, Jaunpils parish, Jaunpils region. More information by phone 29479521 and tickets for the game available at www.atklajejs.lv

Travel Responsibly!

When visiting castles and museums, other sites, and events, we call for you to be responsible for your own health and the health of others, by observing social and physical distancing safety measures!

We are looking forward to see you!

Let’s travel responsibly and meet now!