Catering in Engure vicinity – the coastal area from Bērzciems to Bigauņciems

Are you looking for a place to eat on the Engure side and on the coast from Bērzciems to Bigauņciems? There will be a guide to cafes and restaurants.

In Bērzciems

Café “Vizbuļi” is a hospitable, cosy and very popular place for a tasty meal in Bērzciems. In the seasonal menu you will find the catch of the day, which can be a Baltic cod, fluke, herring, whitefish or even salmon. Ask the host what the offer of the day is and if you find it hard to choose, the classic pork chop will never let you down!

Address: "Vizbuļi", Bērzciems, Engure parish, Tukums region. GPS: 57.237907, 23.173645

Café “Mazā kaija”offers different meat, fish and vegetable dishes, also biological beef and locally caught fish dishes. Additional services: sauna, accommodation, party premises.

Address: "Cīrulīši", Bērzciems, Engure parish, Tukums region. GPS: 57.244566 23.174850

In Bērzciems’ creamery “Kundziņsiers”you will find different types of cheese: crème fraîche, classic cheese, cheese with caraway seeds, cheese with garlic, spicy and smoked cheese and so on. If booked and agreed in advance, cheese tasting can be organised.

Address: "Smiltiņi", Bērzciems, Engure parish, Tukums region. GPS: 57.244352, 23.173023

Menu of restaurant"Tauriņkrasti" offers Latvian staple foods like stuffed pork chop, beef steak, ribs, goulash soup, fish and also exotic Asian dishes. Vegetarians and children will have special dishes in the offer. You can also taste delicious cocktails and selected drinks and takeaway food.

Address: "Tauriņi", Bērzciems, Engure parish, Tukums region. GPS: 57.253770, 23.172260


In Engure

Restaurant Engure Cafeis a summer restaurant in Engure with delicious seasonal menu and taste of the sea. It offers salads, snacks, second courses, local fish, wine, cocktails. A popular and cosy place with wide open-air terrace and tasty foods.

Address: Ostas St. 1, Engure, Engure parish, Tukums region. GPS: 57.160474, 23.229343

The menu of restaurant Kapteinis & Grants is based on seafood dishes. The restaurant has a summer terrace with a shed and fire-place hall, as well as a special menu for children and vegetarians.

Address: Jūras St. 88, Engure, Engure parish, Tukums region. GPS: 57.165648, 23.224838

“Vieta 62” (“Place 62”) is a wonderful and pleasant place for a delicious meal, enjoyable cocktails and festivals. Suitable both for small celebrations and banquets with up to 70 persons. You can have a meal on the spot, on-the-go, check out the banquet menu, taste a coffee and desserts and enjoy professional service.

Address: Jūras St. 62, Engure, Engure parish, Tukums region. GPS: 57.162719, 23.228481

The first brewery in Engure –“Mazjūras brūzis” is an excellent place for enjoying beer and wine in Engure. Here the historical meets the industrial, it is a place where you can slowly taste locally brewed beer, wine, bubbles and treats. It organises different kind of tasting and special meals.

Address: Jūras St. 73, Engure, Engure parish, Tukums region. GPS: 57.158911, 23.229041

Bakery KuKulis the only bakery in Engure, filled with smell of bread, cinnamon, caramel and pies, and it will not let you drive through Engure without stopping by. It offers the freshest and finest pastries in the coastal area. Locally baked bread, pastries, cakes, cookies, marshmallows, sweets, coffee, gingerbread dough, other delicious snacks.

Address: Jūras St. 73, Engure, Engure parish, Tukums region. GPS: 57.158729, 23.229006

The daily menu of café “Būda” features fish dishes from locally caught fish, and delicious meat dishes for different tastes. Salads, snacks, croutons, pancakes, kvass, beer and, of course, the most demanded staple – chops and fish produce tasting plates. Be warned that portion sizes are large therefore the hungriest visitor will feel satiated afterwards.

Address:  Jūras St. 95, Engure, Engure parish, Tukums region. GPS: 57.164798, 23.224741

Cocktail bar"Valis"

Address: Engure beach, Labiešu Street, Engure, Engure parish, Tukums region. GPS: 57.161310, 23.234053


At the edge of Engure

If you are looking for a café that sits at the coast of a lake rather than the sea, you will appreciate Rideļi Mill café “Cope”.During the summer you can sit on the lakeside terrace and observe nature and listen to bird songs. In winter you can get warm and cosy at the fire-place with a hot winter drink. The most popular dishes in the café are fried tench, and from desserts – a large portion of pancake crunchies with ice-cream and strawberry sauce.

Address: "Rideļu dzirnavas", Engure parish, Tukums region. GPS 57.151834 23.102707



The concept of restaurant “Albatross” is built around families that appreciate Naples pizza, baked in the brick oven, different snacks, desserts and locally made ice-cream. The restaurant has a wonderful wine offer. Here, visitors can select from a range of wines for takeaway for very affordable price. The restaurant is also very friendly for small pets. Each week the menu has a special offer.

Address: Albatrosa St. 18, Ķesterciems, Engure parish, Tukums region. GPS: 57.109137, 23.230720


In Apšuciems

Café "Apsīte" is situated not far away from Apšuciems beach. People like to come here for holidays, especially in summer, to enjoy a delicious meal. Owner of the café is the author of Tukums dish, and here you can have the original Tukums roll in cherry sauce. The special dish of Apšuciems is one-pot meal “Apsīte".

Address: "Apsīte", Apšuciems, Engure parish, Tukums region. GPS: 57.059542, 23.305981

Restaurant “Villa Anna” is situated at the very seashore. It is a beautiful place for celebrations and weddings and also a wonderful choice for tasting a meal.

Address: “Airītes”, Apšuciems, Engure parish, Tukums region. GPS: 57.061185, 23.311307

Bistro "Arkadia" offers fine and diverse dishes, special ambience and welcoming service. The place is suitable both for business meetings and romantic dinners. The restaurant also offers catering for banquets, conferences and other events for up to 250 persons.

Address: “Jaunskumpji”, Apšuciems, Engure parish, Tukums region. GPS: 57.056508, 23.313389


In Klapkalnciems

GURU Beach Bar is a summer café with sea, sun, the hottest sand and the most summer-like ambience at the seashore. The offer includes drinks, light snacks, different other dishes and always a good music.

Address: Klapkalnciems beach, Klapkalnciems, Engure parish, Tukums region. GPS: 57.044848, 23.367567

Fish kiosk Klapkalnciema zivis offers their own fish produce in the kiosk, situated next to the shop “V.I.P.” or in company’s plant, situated in Klapkalnciems, Saules Street 38. The fish kiosk “Klapkalnciema zivis” offers hot-smoked and cold-smoked fish, fish gastronomy and other fish products, and on Saturdays and Sundays we offer a fish solyanka and salmon soup with melted cheese made on a fire and also fried flukes or whitefish with potatoes.

Address: Klapkalnciems, Engure parish, Tukums region. GPS: 57.042627, 23.362887


In Ragaciems

Fish restaurant "Bermudas" is a family enterprise operating since 2005. The menu has a wide offer of seafood and fish dishes, and also meat dishes. Branches are organised occasionally. It also offers banquets and festive events according to customers’ wishes.

Address: “Jūrnieki”, Ragaciems, Lapmežciems parish, Tukums region. GPS: 57.026602, 23.488108

Grill bar and pizza house “Ribas” is a place once described by its owner as: “Truth is born in differences". Here, in this warm ambience, you can enjoy tasty dishes that were created with love. “Heavenly ribs, juicy shashliks, amazing pizzas, outstanding cocktails, chef’s specials and many more amazing things” – says one of the feedback of “Ribas”.

Address: Selgas iela 15, Ragaciems, Lapmežciems parish, Tukums region. GPS: 57.026678, 23.488800


In Lapmežciems and Bigauņciems

Café “Nostalgy” is a place in Lapmežciems where one can order different dishes for celebrations or simply have a meal on the spot, and also order a takeaway. “Large portions!" – according to a number of feedback.

Address: “Rosi”, Lapmežciems, Lapmežciems parish, Tukums region. GPS: 57.003155, 23.513574

SHO restaurantis a countryside restaurant featuring Ukrainian staples in Bigauņciems. The offer includes group meals and thematic evenings with music.

Address: "Dižpriede", Bigauņciems, Lapmežciems parish, Tukums region. GPS: 56.985991, 23.537419


See you on the coast of Tukuma region!